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February 1, 2012 15:46

One of the most mysterious and beautiful phenomena of nature can be called the Northern Lights

One of the most mysterious and beautiful phenomena of nature can be called the Northern Lights. But. Strange is so wonderful phenomenon for centuries had a bad reputation, and it was considered a harbinger of disaster, wars and tragedies. Northern Dawn (Aurora Borealis) are directly associated with the sun, and some ufologists believe that this is not just a natural phenomenon. A creature of solar origin, intelligent and powerful.

Bombing OVER

Official science agrees that the Northern Lights are in direct contact with the sun, depending on solar activity. Americans generally stated that they had finally uncovered the best kept secret of the polar aurora, namely the cause of its origin.

It is found in all the "blame" substorms — short disturbances that occur during magnetic storms. Substorm release energy stored in stressed magnetic field lines, and the energy of the "throws" the charged particles back into the atmosphere. It is this cosmic bombardment and causes the northern lights.

According to specialists, the substorm often coincide with the cosmic and solar storms, bubbling near the planet. The more active the sun, the greater area of the sky covered the northern lights. Lights are the finest in the period of maximum 11-year cycle of solar activity — such Aurora called squalls and characterized by whitish-greenish glow.

Usually the aurora, if you watch them from the Earth, have the form of general, rapidly changing or moving sky colored bands, crowns, "Curtains." The duration of this beautiful phenomenon from several minutes to several days. But what determines the length of this — a mystery.

Not everyone knows that the lights are not static — they move! In the northern hemisphere, this movement is to the west at a speed of one kilometer per second. And the lights are not "silent": bright flashes of Aurora's often accompanied by a sound like a crack. In addition, the upper atmosphere in the auroral so strongly heated that it leads to rising gas and at high altitudes increases the density of the gaseous medium. Radiance can also be accompanied by strong eddy currents in large regions of space.

There is no explanation of what the northern lights in the spring and fall occurs more frequently than in the winter and summer. The maximum peak of the "appearances" — next to the spring and autumn equinox.

During the aurora releases massive amounts of energy. For example, during one of the registered in 2007 perturbation energy stood out as much as it is released by an earthquake with magnitude of 5.5 points!


To say that the Aurora exist only in the north, that's why they are called the north, is wrong. More appropriate name — the northern lights. Because this phenomenon exists in both hemispheres: the northern and southern hemisphere. Indigenous Australians can also observe the aurora, as, for example, the Eskimos in Alaska.

What had previously been only guess, thanks to modern technology was reflected: Lights in the northern and southern hemispheres are not only related, but are mirror vzaimootrazheniyami. In fact, it rings around each pole, with a diameter of about 3,000 kilometers during the quiet sun and nearly 4,000 miles during the active Sun. Incidentally, one of the first people in the XVIII century, not only gave a description of the northern lights in the southern hemisphere, but also pointed out that the polar aurora occur at high latitudes in both hemispheres at the same time, was none other than the famous explorer James Cook.

Bridge to the other world?

All that has been written above — is to achieve, observations and hypotheses of science official. But mainstream science — too young compared to the thousands of years of human history, and too cynical regarding metaphysics. And long before scientific research people will try to understand and give an explanation of this unique natural phenomenon. For some reason, it is most often associated with the afterlife.

For example, the Inuit and Native American legend has it that the northern lights — they are the spirits of fallen enemies who want to wake up again. Other legends of the North American Indian tribes of the Northern Lights is like the light of lanterns, which are the spirits of those who seek the dead hunters.

In Norse mythology mentions bridge Bifrost — burning quivering arc across the sky, in which the gods are come down from heaven to earth, and the River Rouge — which burns with fire and denotes the boundary between the realms of the dead and the living. In other Norwegian legends spirits aurora presented as lights, which are the Valkyries. And in yet other legends of the North Aurora is a celestial dance of the dead maidens.

A number of researchers have suggested that perhaps the winding ribbon auroras, which could see the inhabitants of Scotland and other European countries, were the cause of the legends about dragons. These "illustrious" tape is often portrayed in the chronicles as snakes. Some scientists even put forth sensational hypothesis: the legendary Battle of St. George's was really a struggle with aurora, not a dragon!

In the Middle Ages had the opportunity to see the lights and also the inhabitants of northern China (so much for the legend of the Chinese Dragon!), Scandinavia and northern Russia. We have, by the way, they were called pazoryami or outbursts. The first comes from the word "Dawns", "dawn", and the second from — "poloshit", which means "to disturb", "trouble."


One way or another, the northern lights, in the opinion of many people, dormant evil. For example, the Inuit at a time out of the house without a weapon and did not go out at all believed (and believe) that those who have long looked at the Northern Lights, will soon go mad. Auroras associated with all kinds of trouble, such as … the fall of Jerusalem, and even the death of Julius Caesar.

What is surprising — most dire predictions were confirmed. Coley sky blazes — expect trouble. Now, however, scientists trying to understand this connection between the aurora and disasters tend to blame not the lights, and the Sun and solar storms, which lights are connected. It is known that solar rhythms influence on various aspects of life on Earth, and terrestrial processes. Ozone changes and the electric potential of the noosphere, the heating of the ionospheric plasma waves excited in the atmosphere. All this affects the weather, climate change, the emergence of droughts, floods and earthquakes (and hence crop failures and as a result, riots, war, etc.). Because of the additional ionization in the ionosphere start flowing significant electric currents, magnetic fields, which distort the Earth's magnetic field, which affects the health of people. And this is — the reason for all sorts of epidemics.


Some ufologists believe that the northern lights — this is not a natural phenomenon, but … the existence of intelligent plazmoidnoy form of solar energy. In contrast to the energy beam that shines on the whole earthly world from the depths of space, lighting — a directional flow of particles, which can cause severe physical transformation. And in the so-called points of strength it comes in contact with the matrix of the power of place and flows into the processes of energy synthesis, joining together with the energies of the earth and the people in those places.

It is the contact with the Earth depends on the color of lights. If it is white — so neutral, even without touching the energy of the planet, and if the blooms with a range of shades from green to purple — so shine is already in the area of planetary energies.

In favor of the reasonableness of the northern lights may indicate that it is very sensitive and reacts to sound waves: any sharp sound immediately calls crumbling color flashes across the sky. A strange sounds that are heard when lights may be his speech (or even the voice of the Cosmos), which we do not understand.

Eskimo legends say that the northern lights — they are the spirits of fallen enemies who want to wake up again

Proponents of this unusual hypothesis warn people who are in contact with the northern lights, in any case should not be negative, and then the possible insights and even visions of other worlds that are inaccessible to human perception at another time.

Exposure to shine on people in some cases causes activation of metabolism and even rejuvenation. According to ufologists, it is in effect the Northern Lights are the secrets of longevity indigenous peoples and their phenomenal ability to survive, and the amazing ability of northern shamans and their gift of clairvoyance.

So it may be that in fact a great and unfathomable cosmos communicates with Earth and the people with his beautiful intermediary — the northern lights — and through it affects our nature and its inhabitants.

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