Three provocation for the visit of Al-Ibrahimi in Syria

In Damascus with another visit to the UN special envoy Lakhdar arrived at Al-Ibrahimi, and this trip was timed outright enemies of Syria several phishing attacks and outright provocation.

In-1's, even before the visit of the enemy's media heads to spread rumors that the Tipo Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to let the UN special envoy's visit and refuses to meet with him, and only under the pressure of the Russian Federation has agreed to accept it. On the other nonsense like this can not be called. Al-Ibrahimi far not the first time arrives in Damascus, as well as his predecessor, Kofi Annan. Never had he not been denied either in the ability of the visit or during a meeting with the president. The information is intended as a provocation to the fact, that set of Bashar al-Assad as a "war hawk", and myself — "doves of peace" (got the same EU which supports "Al Qaeda" and other terrorist organizations in Syria, the Peace Prize! Earlier, it was the same Obama bombed Libya peaceful).

But, the very same Al-Ibrahimi categorically denied such rumors and admitted that no one is no obstacle to it is not repaired. He was received by President Bashar al-Assad, a meeting was held as usual.

Themselves as fighters, supported by the West, falsified "massacre of civilians" in the province of Naha. "Al-Jazeera "and several other anti-Syrian television showed horrific footage — blood everywhere, and in it lay flat breads. Frame it "Syrian army bombed the queue for bread "in the village Halfayya. And besides, once again tried to kick Russia — Tipo blow to the bread line suffered from "MIG".

But the network has penetrated video, which shows how the militants enclose the bread on the street, put it right on the blood. With such theatrical unwittingly have a question — where did the blood? And this is a recognizable reception counterfeiters — bring together in one place corpses of militants killed by bandits peaceful inhabitants — and to remove the video. To make the irony can be added to the scene some details — like, for example, the flat breads …

3rd provocation set in motion after the meeting of Bashar Al-Asad al-Ibrahimi. Aggressive media, beginning with "Al-Jazeera", vying broadcast that Tipo Syrian army has used chemical weapon against the insurgents in Homs. Even psevdovrachi were found, confirming the information box stuffing.

Syria and Iran even more than once warned that the likely provocation a chemical weapon as a pretext for a foreign invasion. But this is a provocation as a very-quick sleplena and nothing, not counting an ironic smile, can not cause. Again, the same as the lead source disk imaging "using chemical weapons" were sources not once discredited — namely, the so-called "Observatory of Human Rights" based in London. The fact that it's still the same for the source, I had to write more than once — the holder keeps the snack bar in the British capital, and has not even completed secondary education, and work in this office just two people.

Well, what kind of "information" can cook up in English so dirty diner? Suffice it to recall as killing terrorists in the peaceful inhabitants of the village of Al-Hula Homs was issued for the "crime army", although local residents confirmed that it has made a terrorist group. Then the English "Observatory" said one of the first "scoop", and was started by a terrible psychological attack on Syria.

But at the same time the source itself exposed to one hundred percent. And now, in response to his heart-rending cries of "use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army," the Russian Foreign Ministry responded ironically, they say, in the case of such a severe disk imaging event heavily rely on the holder of the British steakhouse.

Well, of course, the information in this strange 'observatory' here grabbed "Al-Jazeera" — TV Qatar, particularly interested in the fact, that a revolution in Syria has passed. After all, specifically Qatar is one of the main customers of the entire "Arab Spring", designed not only to plant in a particular region, Islamism, and the Emir of Qatar to provide the possibility of building a gas pipeline through Syria to Turkey and from there to Europe, also, to all the competitors (what to Example was Libya).

While aggressive media invent what is not, fake confirmation and blamed the Syrian army — remain undetected affairs rebels.

Even when just talking about the fact that the West is going to supply terrorists MANPADS — Adventure immediately announced that they would shoot down civilian aircraft. And then the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that created a severe threat to peace inhabitants.

And now — in Aleppo rebels fired on a civilian aircraft in which passengers were peaceful. Fortunately, no one died, but the flight was canceled. Shelling of civilian aircraft — is a grave sin and an alarm for all — because the plane can fly at least some people, a citizen of any country.

Meanwhile, the world's last campaign of solidarity with Syria. Rallies and demonstrations of solidarity with the struggle of the Syrian people against terrorism and management, supported by external forces, took place in Brussels and Bratislava. The participants took to the streets with slogans and called antimilitarist stop supporting terrorism. In Brussels, the demonstrators lit candles in memory of the fallen sufferers, and in Bratislava valiant soldier remembered in a moment of silence …

Again expressed his solidarity with Syria and Iran. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Hossein Amir Abdollahian held in Tehran meeting with the Syrian Ambassador Adnan Muhammad. Open a discussion on strengthening cooperation between with 2 countries and peoples. The Iranian side reiterated that the two countries will work together to resist the colonial plans of the West and its stooges in the region.

A Deputy Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazaïry expressed confidence that the situation in Syria will soon normalize. He referred to the so-referred to as "the free Syrian army" myth made zabugornom players. He praised the exploits of the Syrian army that is fighting against this evil, put on a mask of freedom, and predicted that Army soon to cleanse the country from terrorist groups which SVEZA from all over the world.

And the proof of this — a declaration of the Supreme Command of the Army of CAP that with the assistance of a civilian population in the province of Nahal suffered heavy losses to terrorists who attacked the peaceful villages and killing innocent people to blame their misdeeds on the army, and to divert attention from their own own terrorist acts.

High Command of the Armed Forces SAR confirms that army will fight the gangs of terrorists and counter anger to victory, while Rodina not be delivered to one hundred percent of this evil.

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