Three stages of Putins policies: resuscitation, prostration, the revolution

60. Perfect age policy. If he's municipal leaders. And if he has already taken place at this age as a municipal leader. And if it faces Problem held back on further scale level tasks and is ready to solve this puzzle. This is all, of course, refers to Putin VV In other words, can be treated if he just decides puzzle. Just rescue the country from impending disaster looming. During the second time. Only that's all.

In the new period of history are not able to solve the puzzles to anyone. A similar task faced by Gorbachev, and we remember how he coped with it. Generally in modern politics to solve these puzzles is not accepted. In the "civilized world" is considered that such problems generally can not be. And in "nedotsivilizovannom" people are able to solve any global tasks considered essential watering. South American Smart analyst Harlan Ullman said, that in the modern world (he meant the first America) disappeared politicians visionaries. Perfected the mechanism of liberal democracy completely rejects such, leaving the top of the politically correct mediocrity: specifically "politicians" — in the sense — not municipal officials. On the horizon, at least in the "civilized world" can not be seen is not something that Roosevelt or Churchill even Reagan, Thatcher and ruts. Some Merkel and Obama — the perfect political technology "design" for use in the election show auditions. The modern political market offers consumers a sort of electoral dolls — a parody of national archetypes for all tastes. Within just won a world-historical scale, the 'Washington consensus "unfortunate" the end of history, "it was believed that this matreshkam just do not have to solve any critical problems, just doing routine Executive-branding function. Here crisis, global and systemic. And what to do about it?

And Putin is doing in the middle of the cardboard characters? Boring. It is even likely, corrupt, since the database matching in advance and deliberately understated. And no one with whom to talk about democracy. Since then, Gandhi was killed …

Seriously, making claims to Putin about the lack of a clear strategy and precise actions in a situation of an impending global crisis, we pay for themselves report that such a strategy no one else in the world. And no one does not occur to stick with such claims against anyone, except Fishing season. Maybe because they are — perfect products dysfunctional and outmoded system. And it is — no. Even when such desires seem. And as for them not worth anything, no real large-scale action. And behind it.


After being drafted to power the first time, Putin has rescued the country, is in a coma. Carefully collected from the remains. It was necessary to man in the right place at the right time. Absolutely necessary. All of his professor and personal experience was quite necessary for resuscitation with honey principle — "do no harm." Here then, first the 2000s, during resuscitation, showed its main properties. This complete lack of any tendency to adventurism and for all that tough and ready to take decisive action in situations of last necessary. But exclusively blocked. So as not to repeat many times already spoken, recall just three examples. It Chechnya. It Khodorkovsky. And this is only later, South Ossetia. That's when Putin emerged as alternate Evolutionary. And all that can be squeezed out of the evolutionary ways to streamline the current system, he choked. And the "vertical of power" vertical and imperative as it can be under the current system. A system-that, as we have repeatedly explained, in fact, own unhealthy catastrophe.

Then in step resuscitation Putin had neither the mandate nor the resources to change the system in any way. In another resuscitation would be reincarnated as euthanasia. This step can be considered completed at the time when resuscitation, in fact, come true. And just exhausted all the powers of an intra-evolutionary development.


This step is advancing smoothly. Even a couple of years before the crisis and before the formal Medvedev pause. Crisis, more precisely, its prelude of 2008-2009, the country really was relatively painless. Having lost with all this, all the illusions of power some high-quality restoration and development of the existing system. The crisis has shown the absolute dependence of this model from the outer post-accident conditions. He was, in fact, a crisis of sovereignty. Despite the fact that Putin has proved that the sovereignty of the Russian Federation is his primary base value. Politics in the sense of strategy or any attempt to find a strategy froze, froze. Initially, financial, and then, in Medvedev's presidency, successfully tucked, and outdoor. Do not assume, as a hapless "reset." There was one administrative reflection. Current maintenance management, accompanied by modernization carnival. This prostration — something like an artificial coma, into which the ailing, there are no funds and capabilities to its active healing. And if any money and the ability to be found, it will be possible to agree that that was the kind of stately homespun truth.


Putin is the question of what he sees puzzle own third term, said dryly: "Changing the current structure of the economy." It would seem that the obvious pragmatic task. Perform them in real time in a real place can only be at the cost of the entire configuration of the current model is not only economic, governance, and social and political. Simply put, you need to change the socio-political system. This is a revolution. Top. Better. No wonder Putin later saw that the Russian Federation will make a breakthrough on the scale comparable to what we did in the 30s of last century. (Note the scale, rather than on the forms and methods.)

Essentially what we are seeking from Putin, due not only to the political (inside and outside) the risks of conflict inside the elite, jeopardizes the stability of equilibrium and miserable — it is, in fact, a way out of the current system, the current economic model and life. Not only Russian, comprador-parasitic, and global, the world where the rules of the game and the division of labor and rest are defined quite true. Until now, Putin Our homeland for all claims against it, a rising irritation of the global regulator maintains absolute loyalty to the current financial and economic order. Personifikatorom which has always been Kudrin, which continues to exist after the kudrinskaya model of monetary policy. By definition, not sovereign. It explains almost everything, and for that almost all forgive. Again, as it is clear what risks related to revolt against this order.

In fact at the present moment there is a format developed by the working or ideology or even less technology "Russian breakthrough" that could be presented to Putin as likely to run. Taking the above into account: the fact that he is not an adventurer, to offer him a "wave without looking" counterproductive. Another thing, you could read it and does nothing to ensure that such an ideology and development has been designed. On this day, in fact it is not. It only remains to create and produce. In the form and the quantity sufficient for use outside of the fence a psychiatric clinic.

By the way, in this context, I would like to clarify the formula formulated by our creators' patriotism minus liberalism. " (See Dugin p. 11) This is all totally correct, if it is a question of political liberalism. A lot has been said that the Russian political liberalism — it's not even a concept or understand
ing of the world, and geopolitical orientation. Why the Liberal Party in Russia — it's always party state treason. As for the liberal economic models, they have the right and duty to be there, where they belong. Since more efficient than the market economic mechanism, where the country's intervention is not required for some special reasons, the population of the earth is not devised. And one of the tasks of the future working model of "Russian breakthrough" — a competitive market is to separate money from parasites.

The existing structure of the economy now does not provide the guarantees of the Russian Federation of Small's sovereignty in the event of a sharp deterioration in external conditions. The coming of this "case" has no alternative. Based on the recognition that sovereignty for Putin is certain value, in other words, we're just in a situation last necessary when you have to make tough decisions and fraught with risk, we have no reason to hesitate, that such decisions will be taken. To do this, just be ready and working, and ideology. With all of this Putin will have to overcome the inside of the Evolutionary flawless. Putin was able to save the country when his political experience was vanishingly small. At the moment, he will, with an emphasis on the whole has its own unique political experience to do the same in the second time. 60 years — this is a good limit, and at the moment a very good moment to that of Putin held. In the world there are not many politicians who brought the country to save twice. This is a great human fortune. If this works out. We want celebrant of success. With all my heart, because we are obviously interested parties.

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