Tibetan secret of the Wolfs Lair

Tibetan secret of the "Wolf's Lair"Vacant now, "Wolf's Lair", served during the War of the embodiment of stateliness Russian Third Reich, to the present day or causes enthusiasm to discover not only the historians, and conspiracy theorists. Creating the Master fascists rates associated with the name Otto Renz and legends of the Tibetan mysteries that are key to Tipo inaccessibility and inaccessibility "Wolfsan." In the entire history of military action to "Wolf den"Never bomb was dropped, which are so afraid of panic Hitler. Specifically, this fact is used extensively as an argument in proving magical settings strengthen that contributed to Adolf Hitler in his wickedness. In the inaccessibility rates of air and assured Hitler, explaining this phenomenon is mind-boggling qualities Tibetan scheme, which was erected in the form of the structure. All accommodation has a hidden meaning bunkers, which invested in the development of their architects, astronomers and dedicated military spec. Powerful bunkers for shelter management team assembled by Germany to the arrangement of a Buddhist temple with the enigmatic title "The stored air." Proponents of using magic "Wolf's Lair" say that the special structure allows it to be over flying by air assets, resulting in finding military complex with unrealistically high. Approval of more than strange, and it has a right to exist.

The name of the wolf and all the attributes of this famous predator and constant companion of Odin permeates the whole life of excellent despot. Hitler compared himself with a proud and unsafe animal because used every opportunity to highlight this fact.

Modern dilapidated military the complex is a museum which can be visited with a guide. During the tour, visitors get acquainted with all the historical facts and stories associated with the fascist command and his stay in the swamps. The famous strengthening is complex tremendous bunkers and barracks, protected by massive concrete walls and floors, upholstered armored plates for extra durability. Information about the fact that the main bunker has underground corridors and halls, flooded after an explosion left him by the Nazis — a myth. Top and gloomy building strengthened against attack from the air, and underground construction complex has not. Facilities impressive size and are equipped with small windows with additional protection in the form of iron, armored shutters. Work on the construction began shortly before the introduction of the plan "Barbarossa". The site had attracted about 3 thousand people, only German nationality. For the whole world to Mazury swamps and marshes chemical plant was built, but construction equipment means defense is not allowed to fluctuations in its purpose. In districts and construction began 2-sites for take-off and landing aircraft transport. In fact, in the forests of East Prussia was erected a small town, in which Hitler was a huge part of the war, hiding from Russian attacks and actions of the Allies. Hitler is based in the "Wolf's Lair" immediately after the bombing of Berlin.

Tibetan secret of the "Wolf's Lair"

At the time of the relocation package was not veiled, but has been carefully masked and protected. According to contemporaries, the room in which he lived Adolf Hitler was gloomy, deprived of natural sunlight, finishing with a moderate setting. Favorite of military power only occasionally allowed himself to walk with the dog, because most of the time spent in the walls of the bunker or other stone buildings of the city. Germans to leave the complex produced several explosions in the killing of a famous strengthening with all its mysteries, but one hundred percent of the damage to the main bunker failed. The town remained, providing a mute testimony to the triumph of a just popular indignation and retribution for the atrocities of the invaders. Thick concrete walls are overgrown with moss and still be a long time to break down the wind, water and sun, representing the unhappy spectacle of the former power of Hitler and his team.

Tibetan secret of the "Wolf's Lair"Modern magazines occasionally raise the issue of recognizable personalities 3rd Reich, because it belongs to this terrible and split time in German history, it is keenly felt, and the topic is painful not only for the participants themselves, and for their descendants. Get the interview of the Otto Renz, Hitler, who obtained the scheme Tibetan monastery, which became the basis for the construction of a "Wolfsan" was journalistic fortune for a professional reporter N. Cherkashina. At the base of the majority of articles on "Wolf's Lair" and its mysterious inaccessibility for air aviation, put it concretely interview.

In the record transmitted Cherkashina surveyor is responsible for their own travel to the fundamental mission to Tibet in the criteria of secrecy. The trip was accomplished almost everything thanks to dedicated gurus approximate Hitler named Buddesherhauz. The mysterious figure of a Buddhist monk, which had a tremendous impact on the Nazi leader, and accompanied the famous Renz. Surveyor in an interview speaks about his own teacher respectfully, with the color of awe.

According to Renz, the expedition was equipped with all the requirements of the conspiracy. It provided a subtle theodolite, disguised as curiosities telescope, which was just to hide in bales of provisions. Accompanied the young cartographer only one guide, whose loss could cost Renzo is very expensive, because only this man could transmit it to the aircraft. Reviews of the Tibetan temple, the scheme which has been entrusted to capture and convey Himmler consist of stories about its beauty and mystery, and descriptions of the internal device. Renz noted that the shape of the heart, a figure which is the basis of the structure of the brain, is the main shrine "zheltoshapochnikov" — the heart of Worship Tszonkaby.

Tibetan secret of the "Wolf's Lair"Draw a diagram for the surveyor was not difficult, but finding on the unusual height of the criteria rarefied atmosphere affected his health. For Renz trip was an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the East, to seep into her secret, but what he's always dreamed of. About the fact that the scheme will be used for the construction of a m
ajor military command of German rates engineer did not even know about it and vyznat only later.

Memoirs Renz, unlike his Russian contemporaries, are color unfortunate because this man was destined been involved in the activities most terrible and ruthless in the history of mankind team, destroy entire nations, not for any merit schadivshih own advantages in the global political arena. The question of which contributed to strengthening the inaccessibility for the surveyor is not necessary, he does not see here a special mystique. Most likely, such a phenomenon is only a consequence of the successful location and the highest degree of secrecy and concealment.

The hoax is the personality of Adolf Hitler and all that is connected with it, was initially aimed at mental processing of the population, contributing unquestioning obedience and even worship.

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