Timur Apakidze

You're 10 years old … you look down from heaven,
Upon his return, at least for a day, is back —
The state of the Air Force
We are once again forsake … forever …

Timur Apakidze — an outstanding pilot, the ship's pilot — fighter number 1 Russian Air Force

Timur Apakidze

For 30 years of service, I had to serve, to fly, to learn, and easy to be familiar with a hundred square meters of military pilots, but Timur Avtandilovich Apakidze, with all due respect to the others, stand out from everyone and try to put yourself or someone — else in a row with him, for sure, is just plain wrong and unethical. Timur — Timur it! It was above all in at least some other military pilot. Pilot — from God, he is himself, with unreachable and unattainable for other tenacity and fanaticism, gave his beloved profession — to fly. Fly to all that is able to lift off the ground. Possessing encyclopedic knowledge in matters of aviation, in perfect command of the aircraft, it was an amazing teacher and aircraft commander, carefully, patiently and skillfully grower of green lieutenants real air fighters. As the owner of a black belt in karate, and it's own pilots preparing real "special forces", literally and figuratively.

On it hard to write without the tremendous powers.

Together with the pilots — the testers Sukhoi Design Bureau, Victor G. and Pugachev Sergey Nikolayevich Melnikov, Timur Apakidze made a school training ship pilots — Marine fighter aviation. Management technique landing on the deck was created by Nikolai Alferov, also a representative of the Sukhoi Design Bureau.

Our meeting took place in 1989. On the self-study students Aviation Department of the Military — Naval Academy in Leningrad came three aircraft shot shortly before the incident with the commander of Fighter Regiment in the town of Saki, Colonel Apakidze.
Arriving on vacation to St. Petersburg, where he was born and grew up, he came to us and asked everyone to gather in one room and openly, impartially and wise beyond his years, by — comrade told us that — for whatever reason, there were these two tragedies and another tragedy in his regiment, the mistakes he made in the training of pilots who have committed accidents which errors in the methodology of flight training contributed to this, what conclusions (not including pins commission investigating the accident), he has made of himself, and that we should take into account, future commanders of regiments, so as not to repeat the errors of its own activities. Its about the meeting have not been asked, but in this whole Timur, who burned himself, felt it his duty to share his own, in this case the negative, but also experience that we not stepped on the same rake.

Timur Apakidze

Demoted to the inspector — a pilot in 1063 and PPI PLC (Saki) Timur continued his naval theme.

In 1992, in my office — the garrison Severomorsk — 3 and, immediately, the commander of 987 MRAP, we met again. Did not want to take the Ukrainian oath, right behind the departed to the North Fleet TAVKR "Admiral Kuznetsov", with a group of their own pilots, Timur Apakidze came to serve in the kiap SF. On that day he came to me with a request to grant him a one-bedroom apartment in the garrison, because his family still remained in Saki. By calling on the head of communications OMIS PY Shchukin, I gave him a puzzle show the 12 vacant one-bedroom apartments in the garrison and prepare documents for the release of the one that Colonel Apakidze like it. Apakidze long been in the post of Chief VOTP 57 Scud, was soon appointed deputy commander and, later, and the commander of the ship's 57 mixed air division in the 1st Regiment on SU — 33 (Su — 27k), the other for the Ka — 27, Ka — 29. Back in Saki, received during the bailout of being in an airplane upside down, seriously injured spine Timur barely passed medical — flying the commission, but he continued to fly on the deck for landing on which overload is seeking 4.5 units. Experiencing severe pain after an injury, he, in his words, had the body only through well-trained muscle. Even as a regimental commander, he in the morning, once a day, volunteer — force, placing in charge of all the pilots Regiment, instilling all of them love for martial arts. Having stopped, after the injury, he intensely combative sports, immediately upon arrival at Severomorsk — 3, he organized for boys and girls karate. On employment section all had to bring their diaries. Timur personally inspected them, for all that, had the "troika" with the occupation, with tears, but they were driven furiously to correct estimates. In the training could participate only those who trained at "4" and "5". Otboyu, from those who want to enroll in a section, there was no end. Classes held Timur himself, but mostly this was done, they trained the pilots — the ship's fighter regiment. In the gym, and of the garrison, the boys and girls crowded around Timur around like chickens hens. In fact, living in the service, Apakidze found time for the children, encouraging them to a good school, better parents.

Myself and a couple of his own, constant over the 10-ka years, slave, now a colonel, Dubov Victor, Apakidze worked wonders in the air, the admiration of the audience at numerous air shows and parades aircraft in Severomorsk, Murmansk, Saint — Petersburg, Moscow and other cities.

I can not say that we are with Timur were close friends, but it was just like-minded people in the vision problems of naval aviation, because it had served for approximately equal positions and became generals to the difference in the two months. 5 and a half years I was the Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet Air Force combat training and I, for multi liabilities constantly had to talk to flight commanders of regiments and divisions, including, and with Timur, who preferred to himself, personally, to decide all questions of Deputy Commander without entrusting it to anyone else.

On active service in 1995 — 1996 gg group of ships, led by the heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", which was a wing commander, Major — General Apakidze must write a separate book, but in short, it is, according to the band, not only aviation, planned and conducted with the countless " exaggeration, "which, when that took place, a number of dangerous situations, only a miracle was completed without incident and the death of the pilots.

Ringing soon after the BS, the Military Academy of the General Staff, he said, the family is powered only canned fish, not to golodovat on poor wages listener, Hero of the Russian Federation, honored military pilot, Major — General Apakidze nights worked as a guard in what — what co-op in the room where it locked up at night and during the day they received it, for the last nig
ht, the calculation of cash, he went to school and the Academy! So in all the academies and trained and trained the last 15 years, virtually all of the officers. Hardly in any — or any other country may be such that graduates of military academies pass "inherited" the freshly introduced weightlifting belt, so that by working in the evenings and at night porters, senior officers of the release have not earned a hernia!

After the release of the General VAGSH Apakidze he was appointed Deputy Commander of Naval Aviation Navy, but in Moscow visited occasionally, without annoying motayas trips to SF, PF, PF, in the pulp and paper industry and the PLC and scientific — research and education — training set ('string') in who became Ukrainian, the city Saki.

Unfortunately, not (as is usual in aviation), "extreme", as it turned out, the last time we met with Timur few months before his death, when he flew on three day or for a fighter regiment in paragraph Nivenskoye. The three day or in the evenings, we discussed the "sick" of aviation issues and exchanged views and predictions. He, as usual, was full of plans and hopes, though looked very tired. Never consume alcohol or smoking a Timur more than 2-weeks could be on vacation, and managing to leave a little, well, while studying at the VAGSH, "underground" flying in aero clubs, centers and retraining on personal airplanes and helicopters. At that time, even my wife, who knew Timur since the time of our life together in Severomorsk — 3, directed his attention to the fact that it is an urgent need to rest in a sanatorium. Timur is guilty smile, agreed that — necessary, but, here, apologizing that he now has to get ready for tomorrow's flight, he went to his room in a dispensary where a student diligence and accuracy, donating time to sleep, painstakingly filled notebook flight training, flight book flight sheets and nakolenny tablet. An hour and a half, we broke up, I went out to smoke and litsezrev the open door of his room, working at a desk Timur went to see him again. It is drawn with care schemes in areas piloting Nivenskoye airfield. I said that to him after 5 hours is necessary to leave the flight, and he more than once previously flown with Nivenskoye and tomorrow performing flight solely as a pilot — instructor anew Renders known to him (and already imeyushih in his plate) circuit of the aerodrome ? Reproachfully looked me in the eye, Timur, quite abruptly said, "Well, you know that he does not get ready because I consider it necessary, I do not get on a plane," and after a pause has quietly added, "Habit." And this again was whole Timur!

Timur Apakidze To take on the whole job of preparation and celebration of 85 — Anniversary of Naval Aviation Navy in Peninsula, on the physical level and mentally sluggish, at a 32 — degree heat, in fact, already graduated display a complex set of stunts on the beloved Su — 33, — Timur wrong …

With his experience, he could not understand that, at one point, of — for the highest temperature of the "sagging" on the withdrawal of the dive plane collide with the earth, but, deservedly regarded as the first and best of the best, Timur Timur would not be, so at the sight of the audience in 6000 catapulted from a working machine …

A year later, with the visitor to me, at my request, the deputy, the ship's pilot — fighter number 2, Colonel JS Kozhin, we unveiled a plaque at the entrance to the headquarters of the Air Force BF (pictured), in memory of General T. Apakidze held beginning his own flying service in the regiment at the airport Chkalov, and, at the time of senior management fees of naval aviation in g.Poluostrov memorial plaque was unveiled on the street named after T.Apakidze, board installed in Severomorsk — 3 in the street , now bearing the name of the famous naval aviator Timur Apakidze.

The title of Hero of the Russian Federation, except for the very Timur, were awarded four of his students, ship pilots — fighters, VV Oak, IS Kojin, II Bokhonko, PP Kretov.

Timur was a fighter. And, now, "real violent is not a lot — that's no leaders" …

Apakidze when life was a "legend" …

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