To put things in Apatity UFO Murmanchankam succeeded unusual pictures this night

January 15, 2012 9:16

Ufologists believe that UFOs are in the picture - an optical effect

Ufologists believe that UFOs are in the picture — an optical effect

On New Year's Eve, I decided to bring their friends to his home — in a quiet and peaceful town of Apatity. But I did not expect that this trip will completely change my perception of the world. Apatity greeted us warmly and kindly. It was great fun: festive night, new experiences!

To store a Christmas atmosphere of the city, my friend and I decided to capture Sveta it on camera. We climbed to the roof of the building and watched the nine festive lights and deserted streets. We especially liked the illuminated ski slope, which we called "The Road to Heaven." Later, we realized that a little mistake, the title "The Road to Heaven" came up to him a lot better.

After the holidays, we decided to review and process the captured images. Photos from the top of tower blocks were the most beautiful and vibrant. But, to lighten them, I noticed a strange object in the sky. They were particularly noticeable in the last photo. As a skeptic, I tried to convince myself that it snow, reflection of light, fireworks, the marriage chamber. But the UFO looked very convincing! Then I called the Light, for that night, it was also the camera.

— Do not believe me, in my pictures are the same objects! — I was taken aback a friend.

It can not be married for two cells at a time? Increasing the pictures, I noticed that the objects looked like the notorious flying saucers, which are often shown on television. When photographing anything unusual in the sky, we have not seen. It's one thing when you find out about UFOs in the media, the reality is quite another to face the unknown. I wonder what did the aliens in Apatity evening of 1 January? Really wanted to celebrate the new year in an intergalactic of northerners?

Objects similar to the notorious flying saucers, which are often shown on television.

COMMENT ufology

This is an optical effect!

The pictures were taken from the roof of a nine-building

Andrew RYAZANTSEV coordinator Society "Murmansk Kosmopoisk":

— The accompanying photographs — katadioptrii. It is a known optical effect caused by the peculiarities of the transmission of light in the lens of a camera. He leaves the light on the photographs (negatives and digital) and video shooting night scenery with one or more strong light source. Such reflections are shaped parachute "dome" and with a "sling" of various angle and the degree of compactness, depending on the location of the light source. They are usually not visible to the naked eye but can be viewed on the screen has a digital camera.

Anna Cedric

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