Todres Krutyanskii, he — Karin Fedor, he is — a notable security officer

Todres Krutyanskii, he - Fedor Karin, it - the honorable security officerRomance spy profession, prepodnosimyh townsman in countless movies, books and songs based on the stories of illegal residents. Specifically, their work carries within it the risk and conspiracies that are so adored by the uninitiated. But even the most brilliant and expensive coin always has a downside, because the life of the mysterious special agents may end without glory and tragedy.

String of names who gave their lives to working in the intelligence structures of the Soviet Union, you can select not just experts and virtuosos to conduct covert operations. The actual article is dedicated to the memory of Fedor Yakovlevich Karina, hiding under the nickname of Jewish origin. He was born in 1896 into a large family artisan Krutyanskii Yankel in Bessarabia. The true name of the upcoming spy sounded like Todres Jankelevich Krutyanskii, although his friends could call and Tudor, and Fedor. Upon reaching 10 years old boy was sent to a real school, where for the first time became interested in foreign languages. Capable and hardworking guy was immediately seen by educators, in this rapidly mastered the example program and expressed himself well in German and in English. My father waited for son would follow in his footsteps and maybe become a good businessman. But Todres interested in revolutionary ideas and is already in training joined the RSDLP, which was engaged in intensive propaganda.

The first global war was for Krutyanskii test of loyalty to the revolution. He was mobilized in eighteen years. Instead of a heroic fight for their country spunky guy has led a "advocacy" in the middle of a fighter for that soon appeared in the penal company. Despite the fact that the position of penalty units in the First World is significantly different from the next of their status and destiny, life-threatening Krutyanskii was very high. The young Jew and revolutionary was not associated with patriotic ideas of duty to the "rotten autocracy" and a contingent in the company was of little use for revolutionary activities. After-permanent reflection Krutyanskii deserted. But to call the young Jew coward and stigmatize all his family very soon, because all of the upcoming fate proves that serve the idea that man could. His destiny was not bloody battles, but still, the value Krutyanskii for the young Russian was not a small country.

Vorachivatsya at home was not safe, because a Jew who fled threatened, in the best case, the arrest and long imprisonment because Krutyanskii went to Romania. In the new country, he launched a broad revolutionary activities, for that after the establishment of allied relations of Romania with the Entente, was arrested in 1915. From the punishing sword of Themis it helped out the February revolution. Todres returned to Russia and played for the RSDLP, also participated in military actions in the role of commander of the reconnaissance squadron of horse.

But Krutyanskii treat people who are prone to analytical intellectual work, because soon from the army focused on the work of the Cheka. Since 1919 Toderesa Yankelevich Krutyanskii gone, but there was Theodore Y. Karin — One of the 10 best Russian spies of the country. First experience Karin got to a disclosure the White komplota led by Stogov. Despite the fact that the chief organizer Nikolai Ricks was able to escape from the security officers, the investigation was successful, and the anti-Bolshevik organization under the title of "National Center" has lost over seven hundred members.

Since 1920, Karin constantly involved in operational activities, even though they occupy the post of Clerk. By this time, Fedor Yakovlevich has excellent not only in English and German, and Romanian, Polish and other languages. His contribution to the company struggle with Polish agents is invaluable. Young deserves special special reverence and posting your own particular head Artuzov and takes over his experience. Fedor Yakovlevich a specific participant in the fight against saboteurs and clashes with Polish agents. Team Artuzov provide timely cleaning of the enemy element at the front and in the rear of the Red Army. In the fight with the enemy for the ideas of the revolution Karin did not even think about running away, because well aware of what he fought.

After conclusion of the Riga Peace young Jew returned to the Special Division and took part in exposing the counterrevolutionary komplota Savinkova. "Syndicate-2" — this was called the operation to eliminate the "People's Union for the Protection of the motherland and freedom," continued right up to the full implementation of the target. After the end of the war plainclothes Karina transferred to work in a foreign intelligence service. A huge role in this mission played a good knowledge of several languages, as opportunities for development of new ones. A total of 20 6 years Fedor Yakovlevich becomes the controlling illegal intelligence activities in Romania.

It should be said that the situation of illegal immigrant in a foreign country is seriously different from the scout-resident. Even now, secret agents are not all the countries of the world. Illegal exploration uses only a powerful and confident in their own country might, because the position of these employees are very vulnerable. When arrested, or even vneglasnom identifying illegal in their own country by foreign governments can deal with him in secret, tortured or arrange pereverbovki. Official consulate to assist an illegal immigrant does not have the ability, as the documents have not kept secret agent. His fate at the failure of the mission is very sad: he spends his days are either in prison or destroyed. In the best case, an illegal immigrant may vary on special agent of a foreign country, but such a possibility is very rare. Karin was not just illegal immigrant, he was assigned as a control network of agents and the organization of its work.

Certain puzzles Fedor Yakovlevich was to research and analysis environment for the development of Latent residency, not only in Romania itself, and in the Balkans as a whole, and getting disk imaging on the activities of foreign intelligence services, organizations, snow-white immigration and other anti-Bolshevik organizations. Karina position was really unsafe, because at the time of execution of the tasks, even the Romanian diplomatic affairs in the Soviet Union were absent. Karina recalled to the capital until the end of 1922, where after the announcement of gratitude for the successful implementation of the objectives assigned goal in Bulgaria. According to legend, Fedor Yakovlevich was a representative VOKK.

Intensively participating in the repatriation of Russian emigrants home, Karin studied closely the activities of Baron Wrangel. The acquired information was forwarded to them without delay to the center. The outflow of former Whites has weakened the power of the former snow-white movement. Illegal repatriation centers were organized by Fedor Yakovlevich also in Greece and Serbia. To neutralize opposition commanders Whites scout organized a successful special operation to discredit him. In the end, the most active movements were favorites of snow-white for the time required to leave Bulgaria. Only in June 1923 returned Karin to Moscow.

After a short duration of stay in the USSR Fyodor sent to China. Karin was officially appointed Commissioner of repatriation. At this time, the area of China was an unlimited number of Russian
refugees, because the issues did not cause such a mission. Stay and tense work on the new location allowed the scout to lead the Soviet legal residency. Fedor Yakovlevich was unable to communicate with the legend in the history of intelligence activities Ivanov-Perekrestov also get information about the upcoming Japanese operations in Manchuria. It is in this period Perekrestov Ivanov-sourced "Tanaka Memorandum", which later became one of the most important prosecutorial arguments in the trial of the aggressors in 1945.

In 1928, at the hands of Fedor Yakovlevich got a note of Japanese military attache of the need to start military action against the Soviets. Since 1930, Harbin's residency becomes the main focus of Russian external intelligence on the ground in China. For merits in the development of the agent network, the organization of a powerful structure of residency in the Far East in 1927, Karina handed chest symbol "Honorary security officer."

In autumn 1927 Fedor Yakovlevich send a covert mission in the United States. Despite the good fortune of a positive assessment of his work at the Centre, the scout had to be withdrawn in Europe. After he led the exploration activities in Germany, France, where he had his own agents, even in systems of state security in foreign countries. 2nd chest symbol of a noble security officer Karin received for achievements in the organization of residency in France.

The role of "team Artuzov" has increased dramatically with the advent of Hitler. In 1934, the individual manager and friend Kareena has done a tremendous work Analysis of failures Russian military intelligence in Europe. Report formed on the table to Stalin. After reviewing the findings Artuzov Stalin ordered to lay an event to restore order in this area specifically for him. But in 1935, one of the most experienced scouts Haykeylevich Israel was uncovered. Illustrative and explanatory notes Artuzov not taken into account because it came first on the table Voroshilov, is wary of the secret police of the OGPU. Its resolution has played a role, and Artuzov displaced. In place of an experienced scout assigned its employee Urickogo has long sought to change Artuzov. The fall of the specific role of the manager, and his failed test regain its former influence resulted in the dismissal of the real work and Karina.

In 1937, in connection with the arrest of Berry Karin Artuzov and a number of security officers came under another "clean", initiated by Yezhov. August 21 Fedor Yakovlevich was sentenced to death as a foreign spy. The verdict led to the implementation of the same day, the body buried in a mass grave Scouting. In the day executions Karina was one of only 40 year. He was rehabilitated in 1956, but because the information about that person remained quite small, know about Karine only people deeply studying history.

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