Training Workshop: Magic Power Embroideries

The magic power of embroidery. Part 1

The magic power of embroidery. Part 2

The magic power of embroidery. Part 3

In this workshop, you will learn that the woman should know Bereguinya about symbols and signs that keep holy in every race. How do they help protect the house from evil intentions, to protect the family from curses, evil eye, ailments. Learn how to read the characters and use them in the home for protection, to protect family members from disease. Learn how to use embroidery to materialize desires. Learn about embroidered shirts, towels on their magic and sacred significance. Conspiracies and prayers will help you with this. In addition, you'll try to find a generic symbols and because of its importance in your family.
Topics of the seminar-training:
1. Woman — Bereguinya "home."
You will realize what a great value has the word woman. What knowledge should own women to become Beregin "home."
2. Rodolad as the ability to protect your home from inclement weather.
Knowledge of the correct placing of amulets in your home.
3. What are the symbols and their significance.
Thread by thread into the fabric embedded symbolism forces of nature, the energy arm and part of the soul of man. Oberegovye signs that give you health. Materialization of desires through embroidery.
4. Embroidery and magical significance.
Embroidery — a repository of the spirit and soul of the Slavic family, a symbol of health, beauty, good fortune, ancestral memory, love and holiness. If embroidered shirt divine signs, so to speak correctly, it's not just a shirt, a powerful talisman of luck and strength.
5. Sacred nature of towel (towel).
Towel has a special place in human life. Embroidered towel was always familiar hospitality, it valued guests a tray of bread and salt, to take baby towel, towel fastened alliance young couples tying their hands, and it eventually pass away.
Each divine power comes to the Holy Land in their signs and images. Man, being in altered states of communicating with the Gods, seeing the images of the spiritual world as a sort of code of communication — drawing them into waking. For their protection and welfare he covered them all that had to be preserved and multiplied. What helps, used on, that there is no cast. So there was a whole system of sign the letter, which was used to communicate with the gods.

The will of the gods came to me this seminar. And since there are no coincidences, it's time to broaden the knowledge of data that had previously been given for the money.
But as the knowledge obtained for nothing and in vain, let us give thanks for the generic Ohnište this seminar and leave a link to it anywhere on the internet, or tell a friend.

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