Transsiberian: a strategic breakthrough in the future transcontinental

One of the basic organizing parts of Russian geopolitical space that is rightly regarded as the Trans-Siberian Railway. Transsiberian — the greatest transport project linking the two oceans, allowed Russia to link between a global production and economic centers and get a great ability for future development.

Transsiberian: a strategic breakthrough in the future transcontinental

History of Trans began in 1892, when the Minister of Communications of the Russian Empire Count Witte — truly the greatest Russian municipal worker — offered a terrific idea on the scale of the construction of the railroad that would connect Petersburg to Vladivostok. Witte, who became minister of money then, almost fell ill thoughts of the project facilities is stately Siberian route — specifically a title initially received a brand new line. A special award in the highway construction project belongs to Emperor Nicholas II, personally all the forces contributed to its completion. Committee established by the King Siberian steel road decreed: "Siberian railways — is a majestic people's cause, which must be carried out of the Russian people and the Russian materials." Construction of the road began at once with 2-directions — from Chelyabinsk to the east and to the north of Vladivostok and further west. The construction of the road — the majestic feat of the Russian people, the perfect good faith selfless labor of thousands of workers, engineers, construction workers, ordinary people. As the pace of highway construction (10 years), taking into account its tremendous length and the extreme difficulty of construction, majestic Siberian route did not know and did not know for themselves equal in the world. Almost all thanks to the Trans-Siberian USSR held a strong industrialization of the 30s, almost all due to the Trans-Siberian our country won the stateliness Russian war, to a large extent thanks to the Trans-Siberian Railway is not broke, and our brand new home after the disaster of 1991.

Trans-Siberian railway to date is central to the state policy of the Russian Federation for the construction and maintenance of a continental corridor, the defining its role in the world as the main logistics link connecting Europe and Asia. In removing the existing shortcomings and the development of the upcoming Innovative highway Our homeland is planning its benign modernization and expansion of the constructive increased transit traffic.

It is clear that our country's eagerness to maintain and deepen international monopoly on transcontinental transit suits far not all, and in the struggle for control of the Eurasian transit have already entered the new players. In the spring of this year, it became clear that Kyrgyz government has included in the priority list of municipal projects construction the railroad, linking China with Uzbekistan. Build a road will be Chinese, but the project supervised by the West. Although the fate of the project is still quite vague, its route and purpose entirely clear. The main objective of the project is to reduce the EU's dependence on the transit of the Russian Federation and the creation of the Trans-Siberian candidacy.

The implication is that the brand new railway highway, connecting China with Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan will be held on the terrain, then through Turkmenistan to the ports of the Caspian Sea, where the cars will sink to the ferry and brought to Baku. In turn, Baku, Tbilisi and Kars Turkish link already finish building the mountain steel road, Preserving the west connecting the Caspian Sea with mainland Turkey. And to get to the Bosphorus here is not the problem — road Turkey is already there. Train tunnel under the Bosphorus, leading to Europe, also built. So Makar, carriers will be able to ship goods from the Dutch port of Rotterdam to Shanghai via Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

What are the acts of the Russian Federation to preserve their role leading railway transit power? Transsiberian — the greatest way of all time, but it needs to develop, adding to it all the new auxiliary lines, the existence of which would make Russia even more pretty in the eyes of global carriers. Our home can potentially offer speeds hitherto unheard Carriage of Goods by the mainland. How, then, can this be done?

In the middle of strategic transport projects at the moment in Russia, released the latest build railway lines under the title BELKOMUR (Arkhangelsk — Karpogory — Syktyvkar — Perm — Solikamsk) with a length of about 1160 km. The road project was developed before the coup in 1917, but its implementation was delayed for a century and contemporary designers had to start it from the ground up — a significant part of Russian design documents for BELKOMUR magically disappeared after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Entering the highway is scheduled for action in the years 2017-2018.

Transsiberian: a strategic breakthrough in the future transcontinental

Bimbo highway reduce transport distances between the Nordic-Baltic and East Asian regions, more than 25%! In addition, the construction of the road will give a powerful impetus to the development of a suitable region, first the Republic of Komi.

BELKOMUR can have his amazing sequel, which is able to once and for all solve the problem of intercontinental transit (transit from Eurasia to North America) — is the construction of Trans-highway runs along the latter the Russian North, (as long as it is a project of the field of futurology). But the continuation of the Trans-Siberian Railway to the South American Preserving the Bering Strait bridge or tunnel — the idea, the implementation of which they say seriously, and even more often. Construction of such an object is almost realizes the idea of the creation of a global logistics location, central to which will take Heart of the World (Heartland) — Our homeland.

In the spring of this year Head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin said, What is our homeland and the U.S. can be linked to the railroad, while "not-too-distant future." Plans to build a tunnel under the Bering Strait has for many decades. Experts all over the world they say about the tremendous economic impact that can have a project in the event of a successful self-realization.
RZD President Vladimir Yakunin: "I believe that the prospects for continuing the railroad to Kamchatka and through the tunnel to connect with the North American roads — a project with realizability in the not too distant future" (quoted ITAR-TASS). In general, nothing sensational in springtime statement Yakunin not, because the idea of the project of connecting the 2-continents by train across the Bering Strait was made public in 2007 in the "Strategy of development of railway transport in Russia up to 2030."

Transsiberian: a strategi
c breakthrough in the future transcontinental

Construction of the Amur-Yakutsk the railroad — the northern branch of the Trans-capable continue to American shores, ends. To finish the last piece of steel Berkakit — Tommot — Yakutsk scheduled for 2013. By 2030, Russian Railways plans to continue the line of the Lower Bestyaha to Magadan, and then in the Chukotka Autonomous Area and Kamchatka. And the likely construction of a tunnel under the Bering Strait can be read only after 2030.

Construction Railway lines in the North and The Last Tunnel construction in America through the Bering Strait, of course, will be a tremendous breakthrough for our country and take up most of the issues concerning the search of the Russian Federation's geopolitical rivals likely stand-ins outside the Trans-Siberian Russia. The Arctic is a highway tunnel in America, which is a duplicate Transsiberian or its sequel, but one way or another with him reported, may be the main trunk artery across the planet, combining modern high-speed roads, its rich regions, which account for the lion fraction of global production and economic power — the EU, Asia-Pacific, the United States and Canada with the Eurasian economic space. Our homeland with its unique geographical position and the ancient traditions of the majestic railway construction has every chance of success in this exciting event.

Transsiberian: a strategic breakthrough in the future transcontinental

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