Triple-automatic rocket launchers TKB-059 Herman Korobov

Automatic multiple rocket launchers TKB-059 standard unique Russian design ideas, created by Russian designer of small guns Herman Korobov Alexandrovich (1912-2006). Triple- automatic (Device-3B) Herman Korobov made in 1962 in the Tula Design Bureau.

The database design the layout of the machine "Bullpup" (English bullpup) — Assembling a circuit of small tools, in which the hammer mechanism and the store located in the butt, behind the trigger pull. A similar assembly allows to increment the length of the barrel without increasing the overall length and weight of tools that helps to improve traits in range and accuracy.

Herman Korobov in the development of TKB-059, set at the heart of ultra-fast turn, in which the return of the shots do not have time to reject trunk, that can achieve the highest accuracy.

Multiple trunks on a single machine allows you to create salvo shot, the rate of fire of the machine TKB-059 (device-3B) reached 1400-1800 rounds per minute. Many parts and assemblies Device-3B were taken from the machine, "Kalashnikov", to achieve the highest degree of commonality with the main instrument of small Armed Forces of the USSR.

Of fire TKB-059 was conducted or three-shot bursts, or bursts. Tree trunk in the machine are collected in a single carriage and have a common mobile automation system. TKB-059 showed unparalleled accuracy when firing bursts through sverhskorostrelnosti fire monitors and circuit mounting shafts.

During the local test by simultaneously shot three bullets into the queue, tool indeed showed very highest accuracy. But the unusual design and the complexity of integrated equipment stores has led to the fact that the municipal commission refused to accept the machine into service. His role was the fact that the troops were armed with AKM rifle and the need to equip the new type of small gun was not.

Automatic rocket launchers TKB-059 (device-3B) and remained an experienced prototype, but it still is a vivid illustration of the talent of the famous Russian designer Hermann Alexandrovich Korobov.

The performance properties of the TKB-059 (device-3B)
Designed: 1962
Manufacturer: Tula Design Bureau (TCB)
Weight: 4.3 k, r
Cartridge: 7.62 x 39 mm
Caliber: 7.62 mm
Working arrangements: removal of powder gases
Rate of fire: 1400-1800 rounds / min
Feed system: The built box store for 90 rounds

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