Turchanyak: Men in civilian clothes have explained better of Customs

The spontaneous rally in Bruzgi pushed to such an action and residents. With us in touch Live Radio Liberty was our listener Turchanyak Denis, who at that time was located near the junction "Warsaw Bridge".

Turchanyak: We have taken into account the experience of transition Bruzgi where all broken due to the fact that the road was blocked. Here no no action jumpers did not take, but people gathered. First, there were about 50-70 people gathered after the 100, and we went out to the representatives of customs at first — Brest customs chief, who began to answer questions. Well, if one can call it answers … He offered to fly airplanes, ride buses, trains. But, as it turned out, today, among those who came to this spontaneous meeting, several people taken off the train for the same reason — that they are too often visited Poland.

Tikhanovich: So, it was confirmed that the introduced restriction — you can ride every 5 days?

Turchanyak: Well, it seemed to be introduced, but in the course of further proceedings — came a police colonel and colonel border and became more clear answer questions than the head of the customs — and so, it turned out that, yes, action was taken, but there were, say Thus, the "herd", and now it all comes down to a common denominator.

It is very interesting that there are obviously plain-clothes officers who are trying to talk to people, takes them to the side, gather around groups of people — they can be clearly seen, judging from the clothes obviously expensive … They are, in principle, all very reasonably explain much better than these officers, and according to the comments of unknown people is that yes, indeed, the resolution was adopted, two days acted, and the field did not know how to implement it, but now a matter of urgency, everything changes and customs clearing of fuel will be possible, restrictions on the movement of citizens will not, and will limit the movement of fuel. Him on such an unknown person will need to No customs clearance at customs, and at some internal customs post. What is not quite clear — as will work this mechanism. We must try to go …

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