TWO NEW Chinese aircraft carrier created on the basis «Ulyanovsk»

TWO NEW Chinese aircraft carrier created on the basis
February 25 Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post said that China wants to build two new aircraft carriers — one with ordinary power plant, the other with nuclear. Article located on our portal

First ship to be built at a shipyard in Dalian (company CSIC), the second-Jiangnan shipyard in Shanghai Changxing (company SPGO). Western media believe that the first index is Project 001A (tail number of the ship 18) is greater than the first Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning» (b / n 16, on the basis of completed housing Ukrainian ship «Varyag») in size and displacement 5%, and steam catapults resettled. Second aircraft carrier of the project will be more 002 001A ship by 5% and resettled a nuclear power plant (b / n 20). China wants to build four new aircraft carrier in addition to the «Liaoning».

USS 001A receives the name «Shandong» and will be built by 2018. Second carrier 002 in size and displacement to be comparable with the South American «Kitty Hawk», the total displacement will be more than 70 thousand tons (almost 10 metric tons more «Liaoning») and equipped with 4 steam catapults (Project 001A — two catapults ).

It is reported that these two new aircraft carriers are designed on the basis of documentation unfinished Russian nuclear aircraft carrier «Ulyanovsk».

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