U.S. Army Order «unprecedented number» HELICOPTER «Chinook»

U.S. Army Order
The U.S. government, Boeing Company and the Army signed a long contract for the purchase of heavy transport helicopters 177 CH-47F Chinook in the amount of 4 billion dollars, which will allow to save 800 million dollars (total quantity of cars can reach up to 215 units), reports ASDNews June 11. Deliveries will begin in 2015.
«This agreement will provide many years of unparalleled cost savings as the Army and taxpayers. But most importantly, this order will provide more opportunities for transporting troops in the field criteria and help a civilian population in emergency situations, «said managing helicopter programs of the U.S. Army Colonel Robert Barry (Robert Barrie).
Helicopter longitudinal circuit CH-47 is the basis for the combat, technical and humanitarian operations of the U.S. Army and is in service with 18 countries in the world. This order will allow to bring the total number of «Chinook» in the U.S. Army to 464 units, including 24 helicopters will be modified, have exhausted their own resources. At the current time, there are 241 U.S. Army CH-47 helicopter modifications F. In addition, 15 helicopters are in the active reserve army and the State Guard. Helicopters of this type flown more than 86 thousand hours in Afghanistan, providing more than 80% of flights for airborne, transport and medical missions (evacuation of the wounded).
«The contract contains a 130 million dollars for the modernization of the manufacturer of helicopters. Orders will allow vendors to support the work in 45 states that provide preservation of jobs and invest in the improvement of production tooling and processes, «said vice president of programs from transport helicopters Boeing Dabundo Chuck (Chuck Dabundo).

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