U.S. concerned PTS Turkey and China

U.S. seriously concerned about Turkey’s decision to cooperate in the development of its missile defense system with the state of China.
This was stated in constant mon press briefing Spokesman for the U.S. State Department Jen Psak.

U.S. «brought his severe concern» to the attention of Ankara, «and these discussions will of course continue,» said the official dealer of the U.S. State Department. According to her, «the main prerequisite for concern» in Washington is that «the Turkish government has been discussing a contract with under the influence of American sanctions now about the creation of a missile defense system, which is not compatible with the operative systems of NATO.»

On the question of whether the Obama administration expects that the Turkish authorities to reconsider their decision now, Psak replied: «We’ll see.»

Previously reported that Turkey develop its missile defense system wants to cooperate with the Chinese state-owned company, which act against the sanctions imposed by the United States for violation of the South American state law on non-proliferation in Iran, North Korea and Syria.

Country, a NATO member, chose a Chinese manufacturer CPMIEC its European and South American rivals, opting for more a cheap product. Price of the joint project is estimated at 3 billion dollars. In the tender, except for American companies participated defense companies from Russia, China, France and Italy. The winner was the Chinese HQ-9 complex, representing a reworked copy of the Russian C-300P.

It is understood that the Chinese company will launch a joint creation by area of ​​Turkey. Under the agreement, the Turkish side will be supplied radar and anti-aircraft guns, capable of engaging not only aircraft, and missiles.

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