U.S. helps to Internet freedom in an unfree country

Department of State proposes to allocate $ 28 million to help civil society activists in countries where governments restrict e-mail and social networks, — the agency Bloomberg.

As the State Department spokesman Dan Bayer, developed a program that helps democracy activists, particularly in China and Syria, to avoid revealing their secret services.

Government authoritarian countries are practicing two basic ways to deal with the freedom of the Internet.

The first — it can block the channels of information, news sites and social networks. This is particularly widely practiced by China and Vietnam.

The second way — the persecution of activists and bloggers found on the Internet. This tool is widely practiced in Tunisia and Egypt on the eve of the revolutions that took place in This year,: In Tunisia, the authorities have access to the accounts of activists in Gmail and Facebook, in Egypt arrested opposition bloggers.

State Department program has caused debate in Congress. Republicans have expressed the view that the U.S. should focus on helping to circumvent "Chinese walls" that authoritarian government erected on the free exchange of information on the web. Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner believes that the protection and safety of pro-democracy activists on the internet — is not equally if not more important.

According to one of the results of the work in this direction was the design of mobile phones with a "panic button" that allows you to instantly kill if they are arrested in the phone address books, not to facilitate intelligence agencies claim.

His colleague, Dan Bayer said that 5,000 activists from different countries have been trained how to overcome blocking social networks, but, as noted by another State Department official Courtney Avstryyan, only teach activists bypass restrictions on the Internet and do not teach them to defend themselves — is to paint a target on their backs.

As long as the dispute between the State Department and the Republican majority has not been resolved.

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