U.S. President met three times with the aliens, claims ex-Pentagon official

February 7, 2013 19:26

U.S. President met three times with the aliens, claims ex-Pentagon official

President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with the aliens on U.S. military bases and mentally communicate with aliens, a former consultant told the world the Pentagon and the U.S. Congress, and now the British ufologist and author Timothy Hood in an interview BBC2.

According to the scientist, all at the 34th U.S. President had three meetings with aliens — all of them took place in New Mexico in 1954 and has been appointed by the earthlings' telepathic messages. " Unfortunately, no evidence of these contacts did not survive. But Timothy Hood sure Eisenhower even with the assistance of the FBI organized interplanetary Summit, held at the Air Force base, "Holloman" and was "a lot of witnesses," this significant event passed NEWSru.com.

Hood argues that the aliens arrive on Earth for a very long time. During this time they were in contact with both the chief of state and ordinary people. UFO convinced of course, "90% of the stories about UFOs can be explained scientifically, but millions of people around the world have seen them (extraterrestrial aliens) do."

Note that the rumors about Eisenhower meeting with the aliens go for a long time, which led to an infinite number of conspiracy theories. For example, Congressman from New Hampshire, Henry McElroy, Jr., published in 2010, an intriguing video message in which he admitted that he had seen secret documents, intended Eisenhower. In this paper, according to McElroy, said that the aliens come to America, and that the President could meet with them.

"From the tone of the report, it was clear that no cause for concern and that these visitors will not harm" — quoted McElroy The Huffington Post. The congressman also admitted that he could not find the time and place of meetings with "alien astronauts", but I'm sure they were held.

According to documents released in 2010, the UK Ministry of Defence, witness the appearance of a UFO was and Winston Churchill, writes The Independent. UFO fans even suggested that Churchill spoke to Eisenhower for advice on how to react to the appearance of an unknown object, and then define it as a UFO ordered to classify documents for 50 years.

Earlier, the Americans turned to the White House with a request to explain everything, whether there are aliens. According to opinion polls conducted in the U.S., more than half of Americans believe that extraterrestrials exist. 80 percent of respondents believe that the government knows about aliens, but conceals information about it or refute it.

Note astronomers Abraham Loeb of Harvard University and Edwin Turner of Princeton University have proposed a new scheme of searching for extraterrestrial civilizations. Currently, the world's only major project to find such civilizations, SETI, tries to discover the aliens on their radio signals. However, the development of optical technologies in the world shows that advanced extraterrestrial civilization could hardly use the radio waves that could pick up on the cosmic distances.

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