UFO again watched Obamas inauguration

January 24, 2013 14:36

This is the fourth time the UFO footage gets on with the U.S. president.
Strange blue disc-shaped object with two lights flashed for a few seconds at the Washington Monument during the inauguration of Barack Obama, January 20, 2013. But it was enough to get to the video from the live broadcast and will be highlighted in the frames of news Fox News.

This is the fourth time the UFO footage gets on with Obama. It was first documented November 1, 2008 in Colorado, where Obama worked with his election campaign. UFO footage got on MSNBC, reports Paranormal-news.
Then the UFO was seen during the first inaugural address, Obama January 20, 2009. Drive flew past the Washington Monument, and also got the footage live.
The third case was in Norway December 9, 2009, when Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize … No way, Obama supports the aliens, and maybe he is one of them, not without irony, U.S. media say.

Intriguing statement at the World Economic Forum, Medvedev told Obama: «(… Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will … (If you do not tell the world about extraterrestrial life, then we will do it)"

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