UFO at the airport in Mexico City near a plane taking off

November 20, 2011 0:06

UFO at the airport in Mexico City near a plane taking off

Programming specialist Salim Daniel Cigales works in Mexico City at the airport. He has long been interested in the UFO phenomenon, but to get unique shots he succeeded only because of what has happened to him injury. And so it happened.

 About three months ago Cigales badly injured knee. Because of this, he had to go to the hospital. His house is not far from the airport, and idleness, he began photographing aircraft, watching from the window of the ups own room. It was then that he noticed on the photos strange objects.

When Daniel tried to take pictures using the infrared lens, and then the strange objects began to meet more frequently in the photo.

"In the photo I have found things that are inaccessible to the human eye. One day I was shooting the moon in the night sky, and in the first frame was nothing outside, but later on the photo, I saw a rather large white sphere. "
Then he told Cigales is an amazing thing. If he saw one night next to a UFO and was so shocked that just stared at him, fascinated. It happened in 2006, long before he began to systematically photographed a UFO. Apparently, this is the case, and provided the impetus for such activities.

"The object was small, it was from me about five meters away and levitate in the air like a tracking device. At the bottom of the object was a ray of light, which seemed to scan the surface. "

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