UFO crash in 1897 (USA, Aurora)

One of the most famous incidents in modern history associated with the appearance of a UFO in the sky of our planet, it is believed the incident in the town of Aurora (USA, Texas). The story took place April 17, 1897. Then there lived a total of 3,000 local residents …

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In 1897, in the print media often appeared notes on various appearances in the skies of Europe and North America, cigar-shaped aerial vehicles of unknown origin, circling in the sky, and then completely evaporate into the atmosphere. These news stories aroused furious public interest, as the age of the industrial revolution began, and the people expect from the man-made wonders of scientists and explorers.

April 19, 1897 the local newspaper Dallas Morning News published an article, a report on the incident in the town of Aurora, composed by a local resident and freelance journalist S. Haydon. Here is the whole thing for you to have a full understanding of this incident.

"About six o'clock in the morning April 17, 1897 to hear a rooster singing supporters of Aurora were suddenly shocked by the appearance in the sky blue of the unknown aircraft machine that slowly floated over the city. Cigar-shaped device was heading north, was sailing on a small height is significantly lower than is the airships.

It is obvious that some mechanisms for car air out of order, as the unit was flying at a low speed of 20 to 30 km / h. By the same car all the time tried to land. The problems were obvious to all. The ship sailed over the central square and went to the northern outskirts of the city. There he ran into construction on the estate of Judge Proctor, it was a tower windmill. Air car with the noise met with the mill and then disintegrated into many pieces, and then there was a deafening explosion forces. After that fell apart, and the mill itself. Part of an aircraft scattered over an area of several acres, destroying a superb garden of Mr. Proctor. In the air unit was only one pilot. His body was disfigured by the explosion. "

At the crash site was a military liaison officer T. Weems from the nearby city of Fort Worth, who examined the pilot, delivered its verdict: "This is a Martian." It is interesting that in some U.S. newspapers about the incident is not even mentioned. But the residents of Aurora treated with the deepest respect to the body of a Martian, burying him in the local cemetery with all Christian traditions.

Just prior to the incident in Aurora on the city hit by several disasters and misfortunes, but not abnormal. Shortly before that, there was a poor harvest due to strong cotton boll weevil invasion. Then, in the western part of the town there was a large fire that claimed dozens of lives and destroyed a residential area of the city. To top it all fatalities at Aurora collapsed pandemic typhus, which killed about a thousand lives.

While far from the Aurora carried the railway, referring to a separate branch in the city. But because of these incidents, the branch has not had. They say that the author of the article in the Dallas Morning News Haydon wrote an article in the newspaper to capture the attention to the problems of a small town. Plus, he was known as a great humorist.

Investigation of the incident

However, here are some small details have opened an incident does not give the right to ufologists as easy to dismiss this case. In the archives of the city of Aurora preserved evidence pointing to the grave at the local cemetery where buried unknown people (to the same fragments piled aerial vehicles).

The day after the collapse of the military arrived in Aurora, who took an active part in collecting the wreckage of an aircraft. But the analysis of the damage has already started working Judge Proctor, who dumped the car wreckage in an abandoned well near the broken mill. At one of the large fragments air unit found some inscriptions that were made by unknown characters. On the decipherment of hieroglyphs long and unsuccessfully working professionals, but could not decipher.

In 60 years, found the personal records of a traveler who is just passing through in 1897, was in Aurora, and described some of the scenes in the search for the crash site. He wrote that on distorted and charred pieces of trim air unit was very difficult to determine the exact size and power of this machine. And remind yourself pieces of metal alloy of aluminum and silver. It is unlikely to set an example and the power of its engines. Experts agree that the car had to weigh several tons

In the mid 20th century

In the 60-ies of XX century the interest in this extraordinary story has surfaced again. On local television and now stored video interviews with some Mary Evans and Charlie Stephens — the original inhabitants of Aurora. Mary at the time of the accident was 15 years old, Charlie — 10 years. Mary told how early in the morning in the sky floated a great ship (she did not see him, but her friends have described it in detail.) Then she heard an explosion and ran out into the yard. Her father was just about to go to the mill to help put out the fire started. Mary wanted to set off to the scene with his father, but he slapped her a slap and told to stay at home.

Charlie was more fortunate. He told the TV reporter with pleasure as a huge cigar-shaped machine, steaming, approached the city. Then, his father sent him to the barn to feed the poultry, and the guy did not see the moment of his encounter with the mill. Although later was on the ruins and even saw pieces of iron parts air machine.

It should be explained that since 1970, on U.S. television were several large-scale investigations by the famous incident. For more than one hundred years the town has changed little Aurora. The only thing worrying — tiles on the streets the same as that put on the runways of airfields.

Also raises questions ufologists and the fact that local authorities do not allow scientists to produce an unknown exhume graves in the local cemetery, where all signs are buried alien. Earlier this tomb was a small table with the words "Tomb of the unknown substance." Scientists in the 60-ies of XX century were fixed magnetic waves coming out of the ground, as in the grave with the body of the pilot and put a few fragments of the ship. At the same time, this group of scientists sent official letter to the U.S. government for permission to exhume the body for scientific purposes. But the government abruptly refused to scientists, they were forbidden even to approach the grave. Then the plate was gone with burial, and later the experts were not able to catch the devices magnetic signals emanating from the ground. We see someone worked in that place.

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