UFO landed near Kazan (VIDEO)

February 14, 2012 18:32

Zelenodolsk eyewitness filmed on a mobile phone camera time a possible UFO landing and recently gave this video portal ProKazan.ru. At the beginning of the movie is clearly seen as a glowing object goes up, then it is separated from the other object, which begins to descend quickly to the ground.

— This recording was made in the late autumn of last year — said the portal ProKazan.ru Evgeny Popov. — As with the Internet, I do not on very good terms, that to this day I have it to anyone but friends and acquaintances who did not show.

Survey was carried out in the late evening on the border between the two republics — Tatarstan, Mari El. On the video you can see how a luminous object rises above the city, and then for a while hangs over the earth. At this point, it is separated from the second luminous object that begins to descend.

It is unknown what was the object. Some users of the portal ProKazan.ru sure that it is either a satellite or a Chinese lantern.

Portal ProKazan.ru previously wrote about another case where Kazan witness UFO over Kazan Kremlin. Members noted that the object was most similar to a ball stuck in a trolley wires.

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