UFO over Vinnitsa frightened residents

September 20, 2012 9:05

A few days ago the editors of Vinnitsa "20 hvilin" vinnichanka called and told him about UFO sightings, of which she was a witness in the night from 12 to 13 September 2012. It happened around 2.30 am at the intersection of Kiev and Tarnogorodskogo near the water utility. From the words of the woman, she and her family saw a strange flying object, which published an unusual noise and intermittent light of the different lights.

Inna Zubchenko argues that this was a UFO, the object was like nothing she had seen earlier that:

— It was about 2.30 am. I've gone to bed with her two children, and my oldest son was playing on the computer. Suddenly he woke me up and told me to come to the window to see a UFO — says Inna Zubchenko. — I already thought he was on the computer and completely outplayed "crazy" with their games. But when I went to the window, she saw a strange disc-shaped object that was rotating in circles, made some noise, as if the car plant, and the light in different lights. The children woke up and ran to the window as well. We even spotted with satin canopy. I was very frightened, and fell into a stupor. Bumps like goose began to run — it was very scary to watch. After a few minutes of "saucer" quickly flew away.

The situation of an unidentified flying object in our town said operator National Archives UFO Ukraine Yaroslav Socko.

— Judge the veracity of the story because of the small amount of information provided and the lack of any photographic and video evidence — is very difficult. But we should pay attention to the words of eyewitness, "a disc-shaped object", "spinning in circles", "light of the different lights," "dull dome", etc. It is evident that such characteristics are not inherent in aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft and are very common in the stories of other UFO witnesses. I, like others have "UFO phenomenon" does not claim to be a "space aliens" in their own starship, the only thing we can say with absolute certainty — like aircraft bear little resemblance to those used by humans.

Jaroslav Socko also said that in the winery it is not the first appearance of a UFO.

— So, April 13, 2012 in 9 hours and 25 minutes in the morning in the village Kovalevka Nemirovsky District, a local resident Anatoly Sandpiper from the window of his house watching the "slightly below the clouds, there was a semi-transparent, a little cloud of light, from which the movement began very pointy front silver -metallic color, cigar-shaped object ", — said the operator of the National Archives UFO.

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