UFO seen in the skies of Australia

December 2, 2011 13:29

UFO seen in the skies of AustraliaUfology in Australia existed in ancient times. Confirmation of this can we find in the ancient myths and legends of the Australian that existed among the natives, who are then seen strange flying objects and may communicate with members of their crews.

To date, the aliens are not at risk to come in contact with representatives of our civilization. But the pleasure of "defile" in our sky, they do not deny yourself. Apparently, nothing human is alien to them, and they get some pleasure from the sensation that after each visit put the witnesses, and the media.

One such case was the parade of UFOs in the skies of Victoria, Australia. 33-year-old Alicia saw the unusual sight of Geelong, which had time to not only watch, but also captured on camera.

She was not the only eyewitness of the luminous object, at a distance of about 10,000 kilometers, moving erratically across the sky. Apparently, in addition to several other people who witness such a phenomenon is observed and special services. After a short time the area was raided several helicopters scoured the sky and down for hours.

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