Ufologists found anomalous zone under Artem

September 26, 2012 13:05

At 15 kilometers from Artyom detected anomalous zone. A plot of land with a diameter of 30 meters strewn ashes, strange craters were formed there, the land is smoking a second month, trees uprooted, and no one can explain this mysterious phenomenon.


The plot of land is completely covered with ashes, accidentally discovered a local gamekeeper Vladimir. To figure out what it was, he came closer and regretted — glowing earth seared his rubber boots, "Flinders we have found. There's a hole in the ground there, a lot of ash left — 30-40 centimeters in boots scraped. We go there ran, then ran, danced. "

Like clay soil off here from the beginning of August. Local people simply believe: it crashed UFO. Where then are these strange "funnel" in the ground. Maybe it's even a satellite debris, suggest experts. Investigate the anomalous zone left scientists Lesteha. At the crash site, in fact, found the same three holes in the ground. Soil temperature around them is very high. Experts suggest: there could crash wreckage launcher. Anton entwine: "Fell something from heaven spilled. Apparently, the spent rocket fuel. Lit mineral soil, that the ordinary forest fire can not burn. "

It's definitely not a forest fire — say scientists. As proof: the composition of the soil. This is not a peat and shale, and the ground, which can not simply burn. But it is lit, and how! The flame height is six feet, as seen in this birch tree, and trees in the anomalous zone uprooted. Even scientists speak of a mysterious phenomenon and only suggest what might be the cause. Maybe this is a plasmoid, or as they say, a fireball. Vladimir Ussoltsev: "This is one of the least studied science phenomena related to plasmoids. There is even a view that the fireballs — thinking beings. "

Smart lightning could have slept not only trees within 30 meters, to the scientists, but also made mineral rocks burn, which in itself is impossible, but true. As 15 kilometers from the city the anomalous zone? This question is difficult to answer even the experts. Has the cause of the fall of the UFO, underground fire and called a plasmoid, is still anyone's guess. One thing is clear — the truth is somewhere nearby.

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