UFOs and the KGB

March 12, 2012 5:37

We can say without doubt that the Soviet Union showed a great interest in UFOs. And probably no surprise if the UFO fell into the territory of the USSR. Western military claim is the best video crashed UFO and alien that appeared after the declassification of information KGB. Fact 1 — For 50 years, all states collected information on UFO secrecy. When the Cold War ended — the truth about UFOs came to Rouge. Documentary film to learn about the secret documents that collect facts KGB meetings with UFOs.

The second part of a documentary on UFOssecret files of the KGB. Extensively discussed the ability of governments to keep their secrets. However, one thing is clear behind the Iron Curtain, to keep secret is the normal procedure. Press freedom and responsibility of the government to the people in this country simply did not exist. The second part of the film you will know what other documents on UFOs hide KGB.

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