UFOs are destroying marine life

March 11, 2012 7:30

UFOs are destroying marine lifeRecently, cases of mass suicide of some marine life. This is especially true with the dolphins and whales. They whole flocks thrown out of the water and die. Among the versions — pollution ocean environment, the sounds of sonar submarines, and, finally, the impact of unidentified flying objects.

The first two versions were not confirmed, as the mass suicide of marine animals occurred in clean areas, and in areas where there have never been conducted testing underwater equipment. For example, in Tasmania over the last nine years, committed suicide in 2768, and 146 whales dolphins. No submarines while nearby was not observed, but it was over the territory of Tasmania and the Australian coast in recent years was a high UFO activity. Accident?

American ufologist J. Rossel gathered statistics that says that suicide marine animals most likely to occur in those areas where they saw the unidentified flying objects.

So, October 10, 1946 on the sandy beach near the Argentine city of Mar del Plata emissions 835 dolphins. According to local residents, all autumn there watching the strange lights that hang over the sea, and occasionally fell into the water.

As you know, the water also occur unidentified objects. In contrast to the UFO they are called NGOs — unidentified underwater objects. One such case occurred on January 12, 1965. Pilot Bruce Katie when flying over New Zealand saw down in the harbor Kuyper, lying on the surface of the water a strange object passed to them first for marine animals. However, later the pilot spotted a metal structure about 100 feet long. He determined that the depth unit — about five yards. Katie Bruce came to the conclusion that the observed underwater vessel, and in any case reported this to the command of the New Zealand Navy. His listened with amazement: after low tide, no vessel could not enter the harbor at a distance …

And on April 11 the phenomenon was repeated, this time close to Melbourne (Australia). Shortly before it crashed in the submarine and arrived at the crash experts. Suddenly, half a mile from the shore, they saw two submarines a strange shape, a quarter of an hour after entering the water. Australian naval intelligence agency later said that no submarines in this place could not be. However, within five days after received three reports of mysterious submarines, then pops up here and there in Melbourne. The investigation revealed that they do not belong to any of the then-known species of marine vessels. In addition, this area because of the many reefs are considered extremely dangerous for the passage of vessels. It is unlikely that anyone would deliberately swim there.

In 2002, near the north-eastern coast of the U.S. state of Massachusetts, the acoustics were on the American submarine, recorded in deep object moving at high speed in the direction of Cape Cod Bay. Thus on 55 whales stranded ashore.

In 2004, in the Canary Islands fishermen watched the water glowing oval object, which swim up to the surface at high speed circled. The same evening the two islands was discovered 15 dead whales.

In April and May of last year on the coast of California emissions dozens of leopard sharks. An autopsy revealed that all species have been internal bleeding and brain damage. Incidentally, this area of the Pacific Ocean has long been considered anomalous zone, where it is often observed UFOs and NGOs.

In July 2011, the crew of the yacht "Sanadora", is located at the north-west coast of Scotland, the observed object is bluish-silver, twice at high speed would jump out of the water, performed somersaults in the air, and then re-immersed in water. Soon after, near the place on the coast of Scotland's emissions more than 60 whales, pilot whales, which are also called "black dolphins."

The latest episode occurred with NGOs in the Baltic Sea. Swedish amateur underwater archaeologists Dennis Asberg and Peter Lindbergh ran at a depth of about 80 meters on a mysterious disc-shaped object with a diameter of about 60 meters. Later, half a kilometer from the first was found the second object, which, according to the researchers, may be part of the damaged disc. Sonar showed that both findings are made of solid material, probably from some of the metal.

If the aliens (or who are they?) Sent to the seabed their devices, their radiation can be harmful to marine, according to ufologists. There are cases when the contact with the UFO harmed health. The same thing can happen with animals. Hence the mysterious suicide.

Margarita Trinity

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