UFOs fly like trams!

December 31, 2011 7:26

Photo by: Valery Paramonov to the mobile phone is suspicious.

Photo by: Valery Paramonov to the mobile phone is suspicious.

Just not everyone can see them …

President of the Latvian Association of esotericism and parapsychology, a member of the International Academy of Nostradamus Valery Paramonov in time became the chief editor of the first Soviet newsletter esoteric, parapsychology and ufology "M-sky triangle". He has over two hundred expeditions around the world.

— For many years say about UFOs and aliens, but beyond words things remain. I think humanity is tired of the endless assurances that the contact is about to happen. You still believe in the fact that there are humanoids?

— Of course! Believe me, UFOs fly like trams! Just not everyone can see them. According to our data, 95 "plates" — the messengers of parallel worlds. No wonder we are talking about 287 anomalous zones only in Latvia. Some of them are airfields for basing. A 5% of UFO — it really intergalactic "plates." We have to understand that even the theory of probability, we can not be the only civilization in the world. This was just funny to say. Let's have our earthly pride! However, we must bear in mind that life on other planets does not have to be like us — the protein-nucleic. It can be a silicon, and phosphorus. And even the field in its structure.

— However, it is only words, but want real evidence.

— People in different parts of the world have often encountered humanoids in human form. With arms, legs, torso, and so on. Everything in place. Or take the crop circles. This is not nothing but a transfer of certain information. In one of the books I have written, as his time on Earth was sent a message of extraterrestrial civilizations, which explains who we are, as arranged. Reported DNA, atoms, etc. So what do you think? After a few years in the fields of England response was received. Clear, specific and clear.

— However, the official announcement about it was not.

— You have to understand that these things immediately fall into the category of super-secret. Why? Because it could start a panic. Remember, in Skrunda lokatotora people suddenly become common to see a UFO. What's on! Skrunda government authorities have asked us for help. We have equipped three expeditions to deal with the issue on the spot. Explain to the population that proshodit, calmed people. That was purely a spaceship. The purpose of their flight — find out what's going on in the Skrunda radar, which has become a pawn in a political game. Information from him was read not only humans, but also those who are interested in what is happening on our planet.

— All of this sounds good. But why humanoids do not want us to talk openly? I would love to take their interview.

— It is not yet time. You need to prepare the public opinion. Say, a UFO today is no surprise. Although if people of this intergalactic "plate" was told 100 years ago, they began to twist a finger to his temple, believing that those who speak of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, apparently went to the roof. So, I think, do not rush things. Why disturb the public?

— As far as I know, for you to seek the advice of various political forces. How do you assess the situation in Latvia?

— Unfortunately, there is nothing positive to say I can not. The government remained the same old forces. Yes, there were some new names, but the list-is the same. What can we expect? Do not want to scare anyone, nothing good in the foreseeable future is not looked through. Latvia continues to move with a "minus". And while I talk to politicians, I myself am not a politician. So I do not need — for the sake of some opportunistic reasons — to say that everything is in order. And for the words to be answered! Otherwise, people will laugh. That's premier Valdis Dombrowski wrote the book, as we have, it turns out, everything is fine. Well, he probably did all right. Nevertheless the crisis continues. No special no improvement. Otherwise, we would not have been the lowest birth rate and the greatest mortality.

— Now again surfaced theme of doomsday. He supposedly will happen in 2012. Some say that we will win some aggressive aliens.

— To date, divorced many charlatans who have frank zombies population. I think we need a law in Latvia on energoinformatike to prevent such "dirty" work. In the past we have raised this issue at the level of parliament. I met with members of the Diet. You know, how do I respond? "Valery, we have better things to do!" Of course, and you can dismiss, but the actual problem of this does not go away. Moreover, now there are new scourge. Forward is not only scientific and technical progress, but there are new ways to indoctrinate people. What is your brain? Roughly speaking, this electromagnetic system. If affect specific frequencies to certain areas, it can take full control.

Mobile phone — it's nothing more than a super-modern psychotronic weapons. Putting the machine to the head, we, on the one hand, we get information, and the other — give it. It seems to be okay. But scientists say that a mobile phone can be sent to certain impulses, that no one knows. Some waves suppress the will of man, and the other, on the contrary, encourage him to act. If this ruzhie mass control would be in the hands of one of someone, then by mobile phone can be managed by all humanity. But this is only one example. I have not touched on the Internet and all that it involves.

— How will it end?

— I'm afraid that people can turn to bio-robots, which will send the commands via satellite. They will stop to think for themselves, and will only listen to what they say. See today in pets implanted chips. I am sure soon the hour when chipped will and humanity in general. Of course, this will be done under some pretext. But as you know, to superpoleznomu barcode rather ambiguous attitude. Already, each full of chips glued to the bank and other cards. People always carry them with you, but God knows what information they collect and transmit. One has only to activate the card, and she immediately begins to serve someone's interests.

In general, it is now clear that there is a powerful treatment of mankind in global planetary scale. We all want to connect. The more a person has all sorts of devices (and one more complicated and confusing the other), the easier it is to control it, and thus to manipulate. In fact, from people trying to make obedient plant, which will grow to a certain secret rules.

You mentioned the end of the world. I think he will be a massive power unruly and objectionable. They simply "break". Already found a strange-looking individuals with memory erased, sitting at bus stops, in some other places. They absolutely nothing they can tell you about myself. Who are they? From? And there are more and more zombies!

Author: Dmitry March

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