UFOs. German Imprint

February 19, 2012 8:26

Today it is known that in the 30-40's Germany worked hard to create a disk-shaped aircraft that use innovative ways to generate lift. With the help of "flying saucers" Hitler hoped to turn the tide of the war. Development was carried out in parallel by several designers. The production of individual parts and components instructed different plants, so that no one could guess their true purpose. For what the Nazis created a secret base in Antarctica. What role was played by the German secret societies "Ahnenerbe"?
1947. Another expedition of the legendary American polar explorer Richard Byrd, calculated for six months, two months later, and quickly rolled leaves the coast of Antarctica. Admiral reports on the attack by "flying saucers" that emerges from the water and moving at high speed, caused considerable damage to the expedition. Who threw the American squadron to flight? ..

Information about the film:

Name: Secret History: UFO — the German mark.
Original title: Secret History: UFO — the German mark.
Year: 2005
Country: Russia
Genre: Documentary
Language: Russian
Translation: Not required
Durationb: 00:43:55

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