UK: archaeologist found the necklace of the Iron Age




A resident of Newark, Nottinghamshire (UK), 30-year-old amateur archaeologist with a metal detector has found a gold necklace of the Iron Age, reports The Guardian. Gracefully curved decoration owned by a wealthy member of the tribe, who lived in what is now North Nottinghamshire. It is assumed that the find is estimated to be about 100,000 euros.

Maurice Richardson (Maurice Richardson) discovered archaeological value on land belonging to one of the local farmers. This uchastnok not plow the land for many years. According to Richardson, the local police, he initially thought that the observed 700-gram object — the usual scrap. Just clearing the necklace from the mud, he realized that his discovery is much more valuable.

Decorating sent to the British Museum. The exact cost of the archaeological finds and the amount of remuneration that will get Richardson, will be determined in the near future.

Until now, archaeologists are not able to find anything more expensive than a modern gold jewelery — in 1975, Richardson found a ring worth 80 euros.

In 2004, the same enthusiasts with metal detectors, like Richardson, found in Yorkshire, south of Hadrian's Wall, 130 items, among which were swords, armor, nails and a silver coin in Baghdad, says Guardian. It is assumed that there is a cemetery of Viking ships.

Battery News, 20.02.2005 12:41

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