Ukraine: the red flag can be equated to the state

Today the Verkhovna Rada can officially return to Ukraine Soviet symbols. MPs should consider the bill to the official use of the red flag of victory next to the public during the celebrations of the Great Patriotic War. Opposition members believe that the use of Soviet symbols unacceptable.

The draft law "On uvekavechanni Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (on the order of official use of the copies of the Banner of Victory)" developed by representatives of the three factions of the parliamentary majority: the Party of Regions, the Communist Party and the People's Party.

Under the bill, the red flag of victory should be used during ceremonial activities by the authorities and the local government in the Victory Day and on other days, related to the events of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The bill provides for hanging the flag of victory on May 9 on the buildings, along with the national flag of Ukraine.

In Ukraine, around the official use of the red flag heated debates are conducted. Local authorities in the Western areas prohibit its use. But, in the south-eastern regions, in particular in Odessa, local authorities, on the contrary, decided to use the Victory Day red flag next to the public.

Two of the authors of the bill — Odessa. Political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko admits that it is an example of the Odessa mayor Alexei Kastusiou inspired members of the majority. According to him, the initiative concerning the flag of victory is due to several reasons.

"The Soviet past is their common value, — said Vladimir Fesenko of the authors of the bill. — Second, it advances to the voters, especially older ones. Thirdly, Russia is a kind of compliment."

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