Ulyanovsk region massively dying fish

There are fears that plague can spread throughout the Kuibyshev reservoir.
According to the villagers Mullovka Melekessky area from October 3 at a local pond fish die en masse. According to unconfirmed reports, the cause could be released into the lake of industrial waste distillery, which is located nearby.

As the site "Vremena.ru" gosekokontrolya employees and experts of the regional ecological Chamber confirmed the death of the fish — reported the presence of many dead carp, carp, pike and other inhabitants of the pond.

Especially wary of the fact that the poisoned pond has access to the Kuibyshev reservoir, and fish kills can spread throughout the area. This is not the first case of an environmental disaster in the area. Thus, in June 2005, according to the regional fishing control, in the same pond massively destroyed almost all of the fish. Then the cause of death has not been established, although it was accused of the same distillery.

As reported by the regional Ministry of Natural economy, is continuing installation of the factors that led to the Moru fish. The water from the pond and killed the fish put on the biochemical analysis at OSU "Ulyanovsk Regional Veterinary Laboratory", the results of which will be known, approximately, in 30 days.

Olga Gorshkova

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