Undercover Beslan disaster: gang members, the group is not convicted and eight years later?

At the end of last week came an event which in most Russian media have not honored their own care. This event — the transfer of the case to the tribunal Ali Taziev. Most of the readers on this subject may appear reasonable question: who is this any, Ali Taziev that the media paid special attention to his person. This man (if you can call it at all representative of the human race), nor anyone else, as a terrorist by the nickname "Magas" (aka Ahmed Yevloyev, aka Amir Ahmed), whose hands are stained with the blood of countless victims of extremist attacks. One of the bloodiest acts Taziev a terrorist act in Beslan school (September 2004).

Secrets of the Beslan tragedy, members of gangs, groups are not convicted and eight years later?

In the photo — "Magas"

But like so — can tell the reader — is that not all the terrorists involved in the attack on the school number 1 in Beslan, their associates and supporters killed or brought to justice? Do not these people understand punishment they deserve? As pointed out separately taken the story with the same "Magas", the Beslan catastrophe and eight years after the end of its bloody impossible to finish.

Secrets of the Beslan tragedy, members of gangs, groups are not convicted and eight years later?
In the photo — the memorial in Beslan

Now first things first.

September 1, 2004. Terrorists seized a school number 1 in the small North Ossetian town of Beslan, the title of which was clear before the time is not far away to every Russian, and it was not absolutely clear outside the country. September 1, 2004. It seems: how long ago it was, and at the same time have the feeling that the disaster in North Ossetia was played almost yesterday.

We will not contrive controversy over how the general cars with armed men, passing numerous police posts, were in the vicinity of a particular educational institution, which at the time of the official line in general no one was guarding. Read about it silly for the simple reason that in that situation, in what was the first school of Beslan in 2004, could be completely no matter which school of Russian Federation, well, not only schoolMilitants … knew perfectly well that on their way there will be no obstacles, as there was no obstacles in the way of Basayev's gang in Budennovsk, had them for militants Raduev, Wheels on the Bus for Dagestan, was not for the terrorists and their group Movsar Barayev smogshih seamlessly bring in the capital a terrorist arsenal, prepared for use for the subway bombings and the seizure of the Dubrovka theater.

Discussed in this article will be about something else: the bloody denouement Beslan terror. The actions that took days of September 3, 2004, to this day it is difficult to expose a particular interpretation. It is a lot in this terrible equation of the unknown, that could be a part of the 1st place all the material at the point of «i». But some qualities that you just have to touch the issue.

September 3, 2004. 13:01 (13:05). These little different. The school is dealt the first explosion. Specifically, this explosion is ongoing for more than eight years of debate about who was his "author". With all this history with the first explosion looks as if because he (explosion) at the time was not favorable either Russian security officials or representatives of the band Ruslan Huchbarova nicknamed "The Colonel", who played the role of favorite groups, hostage-taking in Beslan.

Secrets of the Beslan tragedy, members of gangs, groups are not convicted and eight years later?

In the photo — Ruslan Khuchbarov (frame from video terrorists)

And truth: if you follow the path of one of the versions that are representatives of Russian special services had a blast to begin the assault, it is already in the first stages of meditation can rest against the wall of the impasse. The fact is that in any country of the world, possessing elite special forces, fighters, most of these units do not start as a large-scale operation in broad day or. Start storming buildings, in which there were more than two hundred thousand hostages at 13:05, when the militants had a nice opportunity to create everything that happens in a particular vicinity of the object captured by them — the tip of the tactical stupidity. A, respectively, and assume that the Russian troops were ordered to start active actions to free the hostages specific days of September 3 — very little unreasonable.

It is not enough that the very course of events after the first explosion in the school says that if a storm on September 3 and planned power units, the elite Special Forces teams were not going to spend it exactly at 13:05 noon. Given that the second explosion occurred first, and the men TSSN FSB could get into the school at least 20 minutes (!) And then bang, you can claim at least some reason the assault, but not on the direct order of elite fighters units. You can read that 20 minutes — that's comparable to a small time, but not in the case of the start of the assault. Experience the power of groups "A" and "B" states that the conduct is completely unprepared for the operation — this obviously is not the handwriting of Prof. fighters these units.

It is worth recalling that the fatal explosion, after which began to be heard, and other explosions that led to the collapse of the roof of the sports hall and the appearance of fire, occurred at a time when the school building came the Emergency Situations Ministry. They arrived in order to collect the bodies of hostages shot by militants. Arrivals held by agreement of the federal forces against terrorists Huchbarova. And in this case, again there is a discrepancy. Given that the approach of the militants Emergency officials watched very closely, as well as for all that happened in the vicinity of the structure of a particular school, the judgment that the order to start the assault was given just then, looked unconvincing. It turns out that if the responsible person sent a group of MES to die … In fact, after explosions thundered gunmen opened fire on the rescuers. In the process of firing a worker "Centrospas" Dmitry Kormilin was killed on the spot. Valery Zamaraev were seriously injured (by rescuers grenade fired from a grenade launcher landed in Valeria, but did not explode), and blood loss from severe died on the way to the clinic, urging him to quit and go to rescue children. Alexei Kopeikin Skorobulatov and Andrew (two other employees of the "Centrospas") were wounded militants.

Secrets of the Beslan tragedy, members of gangs, groups are not co
nvicted and eight years later?
In the photo — Dmitry Kormilin and Valery Zamaraev (Emergency Situations Ministry, who died Sept. 3, 2004 in Beslan)

The explosions followed the real chaos that is confirmed as participants in the spontaneous assault and hostage survivors.

One of the hostages (Agunda Vataeva), which is a couple of years after the Beslan terror decided to talk about it in his diary, says that for some time prior to the act of assault on one of the militants a couple of minutes talking to someone on his cell phone. After that conversation terrorists have declared the hostages, "withdraw troops from Chechnya. If confirmed, we will start to release you. " About this time the building had been admitted and the Emergency Situations Ministry.

It turns out that on September 3 about an hour day or militants also were not going to create explosions in the gym, in what was the largest number of hostages, and the expected evidence of acquired disk imaging on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya. Or these statements militants were clean water hypocrisy, which, in principle, to fit into the overall fabric of all terrorist attacks unfeasible demands.

The light could be shed information on where exactly that happened — first fateful explosion that led to the beginning of a natural (obviously not planned at this time) assault. Try to understand on the evidence of witnesses, where exactly is the explosion happened: inside the school building or the same on the outside, because on it depends who is in reality was triggered by the beginning of the "operation". With all this we should not forget that there are in Russia and abroad are people who are convinced that the gym is undermined by representatives specifically Russian special forces, violating all laws of the hostage rescue operations.

The diary Agunda Vataevoy no information about where exactly rocked the first explosions. Schoolgirl, according to its records, for the time being lost consciousness from the point of exhaustion, and when I came, I saw on the roof of a burning gym and next — burnt corpse of an action movie. But these data are prevalent in the testimonies of the other hostages.

Fatima knows Alikova, photographer of the newspaper "The Life of the Right Bank," which appeared in the Beslan school number 1 in order to make a report on the official lineup Sept. 1, 2004, and a hundred square meters together with other people has become a hostage of the gang Huchbarova:

"In the days of Friday (September 3, 2004 — approx. Creator) I was lying on the window sill, covered with a paper face. Suddenly, in the hall there was an explosion. I was stunned and thrown out of the window. There have been a couple of meters to the ground. I fell down. Began a terrible shootout. I realized that to stay at this place is unreal, and ran — where, she did not realize. Climbed over a fence and was between 2 garages. Cover with a sheet of plywood and lay there. I was thrown into various aspects of the blast, but fortunately did not hurt. Only grazed his forehead. "

Vladimir knows Kubataev (2004 — student of ninth class Beslan school number 1):

"I did not even realize whether the operation. When the explosion occurred, we were all in the gym. We were there over a thousand people. There could even sit with difficulty. With all of this still lying on the floor in rows explosives connected wire. Militants pronounced that if we touch a wire — everything explodes. The explosives were fixed on the ceiling. And in the hour of day or it just exploded. I never figured out why. Any shots before that it was not audible. In the gym flew all the windows. "

It turns out that the explosion occurred inside the gym specifically. And to connect it with the actions of the Russian intelligence services, as stubbornly try to claim the most "knowledgeable" people stupid, so you start pounding the structure of the school, in which there were hostages and that was just approached by officers' Centrospas "would be the height of unprofessionalism.

Eyewitnesses that the explosion took place specifically in the gym, while before the first shots at school, there is not only in the middle of the surviving hostages, and among those who were in the vicinity of the particular structure of the captured school.
In an interview with "Kommersant" President of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Teimuraz Mansurov, who in 2004 was the chairman of the North Ossetian parliament, and two kids who were injured in the Beslan school seized by terrorists, namely, reads as follows:

"I was a 2-meters of what was happening, but even I just do not know. The more time passes, the more it becomes known. But no one knows exactly what happened … As for the question whether the security forces provoked the assault, I have no such experience …. And explosions started at the gym… "

Knows the military servicemen, September 3, 2004 which was part of one of the rings cordon captured militants school:

"This is a it was difficult to call the storm general. About an hour of day or when the order came to a corridor (as I later vyznat: for the removal of the corpses hostage emcheesovtsami), more suddenly thundered at school. Many instinctively ducked, and at that point began firing chaotic. New explosions and panic. Go to school ran 10's people: they were and the police and military, and even the local militia in the hands of many of which were the most ordinary hunting rifles. At the moment, I understand that we can not cope with the task of keeping the ring, but when you reflect on the fact that many of the people who rushed to the school kids were in it, it's … It was a real fight, in which the only goal was — to cover the running out of school hostages. And if it was with the children as if all of course, here to tell who is who, among other pop-up from school, it was nearly impossible. Runs, no beard, is not a terrorist … and after that who knows … maybe a wounded child in his arms took, in the confusion under the guise of militiamen tore through the cordon. Although what there already cordoned off … "

About surprises explosion they say many of those people who were in the building as the school itself, and in particular near abroad. But that could be a precursor of explosion? After all, we talk about the fact that the bomb went off by itself, very little naive. To extend the version (of only versions) again turn to the diary Agunda Vataevoy to disk imaging and to other former hostages.

Agunda says that a few hours before the explosion of one of the boys started acting weird way, "the third of days, he was obviously not himself." Litsezrev jar of urine, which were required to drink the hostages, he abruptly pushed him and said, that people have finished drinking it. Other militants occupied the hostages they say about the wires that go to several explosive devices, hung "garland" around the room. With all of this, many of the hostages, who were able to travel around the room (if they allowed people "Colonel"), often hitched these wires …

These data give reason to talk about the fact that any of the hostages, by completely understandable reasons, could just pass the nerves, and he (she) can fully conscious
ly (or unconsciously same) to hook the wire. Indeed, during the hostage crisis at the theater on Dubrovka (October 2002), on the testimony of witnesses, one of the guys who were in the hall, suddenly jumped up from his own place and rushed toward suicide. Then it stopped the other hostage, who had lost by-catch man's leg. Could there be something similar in Beslan? Especially since the Beslan school in the gym did not have anywhere to run, so bring an explosive device. Of course, the constant fear of a mad man, can go on at least some action.

Secrets of the Beslan tragedy, members of gangs, groups are not convicted and eight years later?
In the photo — hostages in the gym of the school number 1 in Beslan (in the frame of the video terrorists are clearly visible wires leading to explosive devices)

The fact that the hall after a series of explosions were, including the charred bodies of terrorists and states that the explosion of those were obviously not ready.

On one of the TV channels at one point voiced version of that infernal machine in action led Yet the terrorists themselves, in the resulting chaos of trying to get out of school and mingle with the masses. Tipo they were aware that the special forces will attack specifically on September 3, because they had information on the ability to withstand dehydration baby only for 3 days …
The fact that some just do not get tried, and even came out — the fact. But the story of the "knowledge of the date and time of the assault" and targeted activation of the explosive devices specifically militants may be subjected to critical evaluation for several reasons.

In 1-x, the gunmen robbed hostages water not once. According to the testimony Agunda Vataevoy, September 2 terrorists released some hostages in the shower where you could have a drink of water, although claimed that the water may be poisoned … Somehow it does not fit in with the count of 3 days from the start of the process of dehydration hostages.

In-2, if bombs September 3, 2004 in the action brought suicide bombers and group of gang leaders were aware of this (maybe to give orders), then why none of the hostages says about relevant in this case cries of the Death Row "Allah akbar!" specific previous terrorist attacks, after which the militants sent myself and others to perdition? Neuzh that terrorists, most of whom call themselves warriors martyred, decided to deviate from his own invented tradition? ..

But back to the testimony of those who beheld that some militants tried to leave the school building during the battle. Until nedavneshnego been formally presented evidence that the hostage-taking in Beslan, the role of perceived 32 terrorists, including women and suicide bombers.

It is clear that from the dining room tried to get out one of the terrorists Kulaev Nur-Pasha, who set out to mingle with the hostages, but was arrested. In 2006 Kulaeva tribunal sentenced to indefinite detention. With all of this for a long time it was believed that specifically Kulaev — was the only fighter from the group Huchbarova, who managed to September 3, 2004 to stay alive.
But after the investigation and trial to announce that all the militants were killed in the process or raid, or arrested (as Kulaev), the hostages have read that there is at least one terrorist who managed to get out of the school building 3.09.2004 .

Secrets of the Beslan tragedy, members of gangs, groups are not convicted and eight years later?
Hand photos — Nur-Pasha Kulaev, terrorist, arrested Sept. 3, 2004 in Beslan

Press photographer Fatima Alikova, which, as already mentioned, was among the hostages, as a student of the school number 1 (at 2004) Agunda Vataeva read as a slight man with deep scar on the neck, which is weird way to lists attackers initially did not even hit.

Not a lot of fighters SPC report to the FSB that the militants were outside cover, as they themselves have experienced the impact of fire on the outside after being entered into the building. Was this so called "friendly" fire by mistake or around the school, indeed, were accomplices of terrorists, it is difficult to read, but the fact remains that by the military of "Alpha" and "Vympel" shot not only inside the school, and outside the building. Specifically, during the storming of the Beslan these elite units have lost more of their own men than in at least some other raid, which took part in both before and after the Beslan.

A "missing" terrorist with a huge scar to this day is one of the mysteries of Beslan …

"There was a thriller with a scar, which I later did not beheld in the middle of dead militants, he was not among them. This drove us to action, firing at the ground, screaming, that climbed in the window. "

"This was a terrorist with a scar on the neck, in the sports clothes. He did not have a beard. "

"This action was behaving cruelly, later with another longish hair and a fighter with a wide scar on his neck. First action with the scar was dressed in a denim shirt and trousers of the 1st tone, but later he changed his clothes. It a couple of times I beheld in the hall, and later he appeared in the dining room. "

In one version of the man with the scar could be Usman Aushev, but, according to investigators, he was killed Sept. 3, 2004 during a special operation. Why then is it not identified the hostage (if they ever took that option)? .. In other words, or action movie with a scar on the neck — not Usman Aushev and fully able to leave the school alive, or simply do not have the hostages have the ability to conduct a thorough identification. Riddle.

But was solved another mystery associated with the ideological inspirer of the siege. It appeared last Ingush policeman, the number in 1998, "died heroically during the execution of its own line of duty" — that Ali Taziev (Evloev, "Magas"), which was discussed first material. According to the operative data specifically with him in constant contact support militants who are inside the school building. September 17, 2004 it was declared a federal wanted list, and in 2010 was captured by fighters of the FSB SPC during a special operation in Ingushetia, where since 2007, remained under the name of Gorbakov. Of course, special units of the FSB, as with all who lost loved ones in the Beslan school, this subhuman its bills.

By the way, one of the incoming call that is ringing on number of militants in Beslan school, there is the phrase "Say hello to Magas." In other words, he could Taziev and is in the school in September 2004. And get out of the Beslan school safe and sound … Judging by the words fighter MIA, it could totally happen. Information about output Taziev from school until proved, nor disproved.

Secrets of the Beslan tragedy, members of gangs, groups are not convicted and eight years later?
In the photo — FSB detained Ali Taziev ("Magas")

And last week, the case "Magas"-Taziev-Gorbakov after a long investigation handed over to the tribunal. With all of this, many have argued that Taziev not live up to the court, because "he knows a lot." But Taziev not only survived, and, apparently, gave investigators to testify in the case of Beslan and a series of other terrorist attacks. And if convicted Kulaev was only a pawn in the great game of terrorist and hardly was dedicated to all the intricacies of the preparation for the seizure of the school and the subsequent acts of the leaders, the Taziev can shed light on many of the Beslan lurking. As can be frank Taziev, and how reliably these revelations will be made public — that is another question.

Strikingly, and 8 years after the terrible terrorist attack in North Ossetia, its members and ideologues are fairly relaxed walk on the land, hiding under false names and maybe make new extremist attacks.


Confuses the situation and the fact that up to now there is no definitive list of fighters who took part in the attack on the school number 1 in the town of Beslan. More precisely lists is, a lot of them, and they differ significantly.

One of the most advanced lists of participants in the terrorist act in Beslan in September 2004, is a list placed in the book "Beslan. Who povinet? "Let us allow ourselves to specifically his lead in the material.

1. Atayev RS, born in 1979, Ingush, s.Psedah.
2. Aushev UM, born in 1971, Ingush, s.Ekazhevo.
3. Akhmedov, HH, 1974, Chechen, g.Gudermes. In December 2000 spets.proverku failed when trying to get a job in the Chechen Interior Ministry.
4. Gatagazhev A., born in 1975, Ingush, s.Sagopshi.
5. Dzortov IM, born in 1976, Ingush city of Nazran. Was wanted for his role in the attack on Nazran in June 2004.
6. Iliev A., born in 1984, Ingush city of Malgobek. In September 2003, captured in pos.Yuzhny for possession of guns and ammunition. In November 2003, the case was closed.
7. Kamurzoev SM, born in 1977 Ingush city of Nazran.
Detained in February 2000 on suspicion of belonging
to illegal armed groups. Two months later released due to the expiration of the period of detention.
8. Kulaev HA, born in 1973, a Chechen, s.St.Engenoy. In the IAF since 1995 In August 2001, lost his right arm. He was sentenced to 9 years old, was released in 2001.
9. Nagaeva RS, born in 1976, Chechen, s.Vedeno.
10. Parchashvili (Aldzbekov) RV, 1978 g., Ingush, s.Nesterovskaya.
11. Poshev A., born in 1982, Ingush city of Malgobek. Was wanted for his role in the attack on Nazran in June 2004.
12. Taburova M., born in 1977, Chechen, s.Kurchaloy.
13. Tarshhoev I.Zh., born in 1981, Ingush city of Malgobek. Arrested in February 2000 in Mozdok (selling guns), and in April 2000 in the CBD area of the Terek for stealing cattle. Was twice suspended sentence — 2.5 and 3 years, respectively. After the prosecutor's Terek district CBD hiding. Captured in March 2001 and again on probation.
14. Torshkhoev IA, born in 1975, Ingush city of Malgobek. Since March 2003, was wanted for assault on police officers in the city of Malgobek.
15. Moves VA, born in 1976, a Ukrainian s.Elhotovo. The organizer of the terrorist attack in Vladikavkaz February 3, 2004 and the undermining of the train in May 2004. Was wanted. Previously was wanted MIA Adygea in 1998 for rape. In 2002 he was arrested and released on the 6th of the Interior Ministry of North Ossetia-Alania.
16. Hochubarov MM, born in 1983, Ingush village of Surkhakhi. Was convicted for possession of guns.
17. Khuchbarov RT, born in 1972, Ingush, s.Galashki. Member of IAF. In 1998, did a double murder in Orel. In May 2000, he participated in the attack on the convoy of federal forces between the villages of Galashki and Alhasty. In September 2003, he took part in the attack on Nazran, Ingushetia and the Federal Security Service in June 2004
18. Tsechoev BB, born in 1973, Ingush, s.Sagopshi. Was convicted for possession of guns.
19. Tsechoev MI, born in 1969, Ingush, s.Sagopshi. He took part in the attack on the police, was being sought.
20. Chokiev TM, born in 1973, Ingush, s.Sagopshi.
21. Shebihanov MS, born in 1979 Chechen s.N.Engenoy. He took part in the attack on a convoy of federal troops Aug. 7, 2003. He was released in July 8, 2004 the tribunal jury.
22. Shebihanov IS, born in 1985, a Chechen, s.N.Engenoy.
23. Yaryzhev A., born in 1982, Ingush city of Malgobek.
24. Kulaev NA, born in 1980, a Chechen, s.St.Engenoy. Not once detained spets.sluzhb in 2001-2004
25. Abu Farooq, an Arab from Saudi Arabia g.Dzhidan
26. Abu Radi, an Arab.
27. Taziev Ali Musaevich ("Magas"), an Ingush. The last police officer of RI. A member of an illegal armed group, a member of the attack on Nazran in June 2004
28. Merzhoev Arsene, born in 1979, an Ingush.
29. Kodzoev Iznaur Isaevich, Ingush, s.Kantyshevo. Destroyed in April 2005 IAF since 1996 Member of the attack on Nazran in June 2004 I.Kodzoev was not killed in Beslan, and Ingushetia. Options — left school on September 2-3, or his wife read to someone else.
30. Umarov Ali, an Ingush.
31. "Ahmed," Arab.
32. Birsanov Adam Ingush.
33. "Fantomas", a Russian, a machine gunner
34. Labazanov Abdul, born in 1973, a Chechen. Deserted from the Armed Forces in 1995. Member of the IAF.
35. Khashiev Mohammed, an Ingush
36. Pavel Kosolapov, Russia, Samara, the driver of the GAZ-66.
37. "Tyra", the Russian.
38. A native of Central Asia, the Uighurs.

It remains to count on the fact that at some point each of retribution will overtake the number of those who are responsible for the Beslan school seizure and death of 334 hostages. And is there for surviving bandits adequate punishment life imprisonment — the big question.

In preparing the article used materials:
TV program "Man and the Law."

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