Undercover forgotten victories. Secret record

Secrets of the Forgotten victories.  Secret record

The history of the creation of the rotorcraft united destiny 2-stately designers Alexei Cheremukhina and Igor Sikorsky. In August 1932, the pilot and designer Alexei Cheremuhin exceeded the world record height of 35 times and remained unknown, because the information about the record has not been placed on the personal order of Stalin. At this time in America, another Russian designer — Igor Sikorsky — conducted the first experiments with the helicopters of the design. Cheremukhina tests have been postponed, and the designer removed from them as a non-partisan, while Sikorsky successfully continued to work on the creation of the helicopter, and in 1940 came to him success. Cheremuhin was put in jail, after the release of which has worked in rehabilitation and Tupolev.

Undercover forgotten victories. Secret record.

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