Undercover friend Leonid Ilyich

Secret friend Leonid IlyichMany residents of the former Soviet Union has, for sure, remember how West Germany was referred to by another as a citadel of world imperialism, neo-fascism, revanchism. But at the same time, not enough people know, but in fact no one knows that 2-irreconcilable opponents — Leonid Brezhnev and German Chancellor Willy Brandt — tied furtive men's long-standing friendship. This friendship was so strong that at one point, when chancellor Germany was involved in a scandal and sexy because of the connection with a third party lady even going to send him down, particularly Brezhnev secretly sent his own friend million marks to bribe members of the Bundestag, that they voted correctly.

In the middle 70s, Leonid Brezhnev, in spite of its own large political potential, was in some limbo. He was obliged to share power with enjoying popularity among the general population Kosygin, who formally listed as the head of the country. No less a danger to Brezhnev and came from a dedicated Stalinist Suslov which able at any moment to strike back. In order to defend its position in the Politburo and out of depending on some of its members, Brezhnev just needed to hold an international campaign, for example, would do well to sign a document that will be remembered forever. A good solution would be to sign a peace contract with an implacable ideological rival — Germany.

Brezhnev was well aware that this is a very difficult task, but with its decision it forever provide for a political person. As a first step, Brezhnev gave the order to the one person who fully trusted, Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Gromyko, according to which he was due to speak at a meeting of the Politburo of a speech on the need for closer relations with West Germany.

Preparation of this document was entrusted to the head of the third department of the Foreign Ministry Valentin Falin. Sudden support Brezhnev received from the head of the KGB Andropov, who was well aware that this is his chance to establish himself in the political and party Olympus. Andropov had the courage to unusual step, he summoned the 1st of the most trusted security officers and ordered to make personal contact with the very German Chancellor Willy Brandt. It was a really unusual step. As a person who had to make personal contact, was elected international journalist Valery Lednyov specifically assigned to him the main role in the game, started by Russian favorite. Lednyov well aware that his actions depends on not only the future of Europe, and around the world.

Russian journalist, a correspondent for the newspaper "Izvestia" Valery Lednyov gained entry into the study of great political bureaucrat, and most importantly a personal friend of the Chancellor — Egon Bahr. The experienced politician, Bar immediately realized that the journalist quoted document, the main text of which can be known only to the heads of Germany and the Soviet Union, is a very principled, but that tends to Brezhnev meeting, bypassing diplomatic channels, testifies only to the great political upheaval in European politics very recently. Bar Ledneva arranged a meeting with Willy Brandt, Chancellor and journalist personally laid out the text and told orally everything it asked the representative of Andropov.

After the first conversation Minutka Brandt realized that everything that says a journalist, not a political provocation, and that this can not be set up. Three weeks later, Secretary of State of the Government of West Germany Egon Bahr flew to Moscow for a planned meeting with the Foreign Minister Gromyko, the Soviet Union. Upon arrival at the airport in Moscow German bureaucrat felt like a member of the detective game. Right at the airport someone unknown stuck his hand crumpled piece of paper on which was written the request at a particular time does not leave the hotel room. In greeting the weight bar and saw Ledneva, but he pretended that he did not sign with the highest German guest.

At this time, Brezhnev Brandt and directly discussions are all aspects related to the political situation in Europe and the world. They pave the way for the signing of the historic document, which was due to turn over all of the political representation of the abutment of old Europe. Brandt Brezhnev and trusted each other indefinitely, but hid it carefully, because it would not have approved either in Germany or the Soviet Union. In general, it is necessary to recognize that some members of the Politburo began to irritate the excessive activity of the new General Secretary in the international arena.

Through the corridors of the Kremlin still walked the cool wind nedavneshnih coups komplotov and revelations. Brezhnev was well aware that his political opponent Suslov even prepared statement — "non-class approach in international relations," particularly since the sample would be dubbed Brezhnev to do business with West Germany.

In general, much higher risk than the chancellor Germany. In the Bundestag supporters of establishing relations with the Soviet Union actually was not, and at least some imprudent action Brandt would lead to immediate dismissal. But you have to admit — Willy Brandt was one of the few politicians who put their own interests above the municipal beliefs and attitudes. Brandt was well aware that every day in the highest office could be the last. Chancellor's personal life has been under the constant eye tabloid press, one needs a sensation, another reason for the resignation of objectionable policies.

Secret friend Leonid IlyichWilly Brandt and his wife in public, showing the strength of family ties, but gossips claimed that the Chancellor changes the spouse. For the dirt on the Chancellor began a real hunt, and eventually took a sensation — the opposition said that at their disposal, there is an intimate picture of the plan. These pictures were captured Chancellor with an unknown lady in the train compartment when vorachivalsya from campaign trip to Norway. Representatives of the opposition to pass these pictures ugrazhali tabloids if Brandt personally did not resign.

Any of the newspapers since tried as much as possible stinging write about Willy Brandt, every reporter considered it his duty as a possible sharper write about lascivious Chancellor. Excellent scandal grew like a snowball, supplemented in most of the speculation and fabrications tabloid journalists.

All information on events related to Willy Brandt, Brezhnev said Vyacheslav Kevorkov, who arrived from West Germany. After learning all the details of the case, Brezhnev came in bewilderment: "If I am because every women with whom he lived, went to retire, I would not work when".

Brandt's resignation for Brezhnev was nothing else like a blow below the belt, so very great hopes he had offered to self-western friend. After all, specifically with Brandt Brezhnev managed to do a bit crowded and more than warm to the case, which made it possible to solve the most complex political issues in the world. With the new person will have to start from scratch, and where is the guarantee that everything will go smoothly.

Brezhnev decided to assist avoid the resignation of Willy Brandt. For this purpose he invited Vyacheslav Kevorkova, which was perfectly familiar with the ins and out
s of the political West Germany and many could tell. Brezhnev first to interest, as is the procedure for dismissal, who perceives a solution and how you can change the situation. Kevorkov explained that everything happens in the Bundestag during the voting members of Parliament, and as seen in passing, that the votes of deputies can simply buy, in other words to pay them money and they will vote because it is necessary. This was said in passing, but specifically it is most intrigued by Brezhnev. Bribery, here it is the real output of the critical situation!

NIGHT MODE same Kevorkov flew to Germany. In his hands was a case with a million marks, which should be the key to positive Willie Brandt voting MPs. But on arrival in Germany Kevorkov was not able to transfer funds to the representatives of Willy Brandt, and all hope remained only on destiny. All function of the vote in the Bundestag television shows, and Kevorkov, watching TV in the hotel room TV set, reported the results of a vote by telephone in Moscow. When in the end by a margin of one voice Willy Brandt beat and stayed on for two years at the helm of West Germany, in Moscow it is very easy shouting — Hooray!

It has become a crucial to the future of Europe is an event? Certainly, yes. Willie Brandt was awarded the Nobel Prize for significant contributions to the development of relations between Western and Eastern Europe, and specifically it is called the founder of the modern building just in Europe, such as we know it today. You also need to recognize that the warm and friendly relations between Brezhnev and Brandt lasted until the death of Russian secretary-general, and, according to the views of many political professionals, this is the man's friendship ensured relative peace in Europe, despite all the machinations of the United States.

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