Undercover Putins program

Secrets of Putin's programNearly a half months left before the presidential elections in Russia, but so far the voters did not know about the so-called real programmke of the head of the candidate for the highest office in the country. Even the people that are part of a team Vladimir Fishing season, can not say exactly what did in fact consider applets their candidate. Initially, it was a much-talked-time program there "Strategy 2020". But Putin's spokesman Peskov said the emperor, that the "Strategy 2020" will not even open a discussion in the course of the next discussion campaigns, because not Putin applets, but rather resembles a series of expert materials.
At the same time, Igor Shuvalov said specifically "Strategy 2020" to open a discussion to begin immediately, particularly because it contains important theses applets Vladimir Putin.

This situation is alarming, because the candidate himself number 1, in fact, does not clear the devil his future plans, and the burden of building the latest programs from falls on very different people.

For example, the current head of sovereign Gref, Sberbank, said that the main thesis of the reform should be the thesis of the Russian ruble strengthening. This may be due to the development of new principles of economic regulation. And these principles have nothing to do with the full sharpened Russian monetary system, the implementation of raw materials. According to him, the development of new fields and the construction of new gas pipelines will not lead to economic stability. But these measures are like discount cards at the ready at a moment when discounting — not the best catalyst of economic processes.

Elvira Elvira, who is also positioning itself as a part of Putin's team, says that we need a series of reforms that will allow the economy to grow annually by 5-6%. Specifically, these features can strengthen the financial system and prevent the crisis tendencies hit the country's economy. In addition, Ms. Elvira calls for continuing fight against corruption the most stringent measures.

In the end, the society and can not understand whether all of the above really spoken Putin applets, or Putin is far from these words. Realizing that Putin also refused to participate in televised debates, it is not clear what kind of configuration, expect the country in case of return Vladimir Putin's presidency.

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