Undercover repair Dolphins

Secret repair Dolphins

Israel has recently revealed that one of his class submarines Dolphin (the ones that went into operation in 1998-2000) secretly spent nearly two years in Israeli shipyard. The submarine was partially disassembled, and its engine and system have been cleaned and updated. Were repaired cracks in the hull and other miscellaneous fixes the problem. At the current time it is expected that boat, which came into operation in 1999, will be able to remain in service until the 2030s.

Three boats older than had previously been upgraded. The modernization included the ability to carry more in store fuel substitution torpedo huge size (650 mm) and the installation of new electrical devices. Increase the supplies of fuel and replacement of the torpedo tubes may be associated with the ability to accommodate submarines off the coast of Iran. Huge torpedo tubes allow Underwater boat carry missiles greater radius act.

Greater in store fuel allows Dolphin easier to move from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. Although Israel has a naval base on the coast Reddish Sea, Egypt to nedavneshnego time did not allow Israeli subs to use the Suez Canal. So Makar, the Dolphins have been modified to the extent necessary to be able to go around Africa. But at the moment the Egyptians also feuding with Iran and often allow Israeli submarines to use the channel. More in store fuel also allows submarines to stay longer at the Iranian coast. At the current time Dolphins can stay at sea for 40 days (moving at a speed of about 14 km per hour on the surface, going up to 8000 km). Greater in store fuel allows the boat to reach more than 10,000 km range and endurance of up to 50 days.

In 2002, Israel has equipped its new Dolphin class submarines nuclear cruise missiles. Israel has also adapted the 135-kilometer Harpoon missiles to deliver nuclear warheads. These missiles are launched through torpedo submarine. 1625-ton Dolphins can carry 16 torpedoes or missiles, and a front 10 torpedo tubes (four of them have a size of 650 mm, 26 inches). Dolphins are listed as the most modern non-nuclear submarines in the world. The first three were worth $ 320 million in any. The crew of 35 people, is capable of diving to a depth of over 200 meters. The design was based on the design of Dolphin-class submarines German 209, but they were so altered that the number of another class.

The Israelis have developed a cruise missile, which has a range of 1,500 km and can carry a 200-kiloton nuclear warhead. The purpose of the deployment of nuclear weapons on submarines are nuclear deterrence to prevent a nuclear attack on Israel. If one of the Dolphins are always at sea, even the first nuclear attack on Israel will not warn of nuclear retaliation.

Secret repair Dolphins

Meanwhile, Germany has decided to pay 20 percent of the price of the second Underwater Dolphin class submarines to Israel, which was commissioned earlier this year. Two more are under construction and will arrive in the coming two years. Sixth boat should reach the 2015th year. These new Dolphins cost about $ 650 million each.

Three built Dolphin will be equipped airindependent power power plant fuel cell (Air Independent Propulsion, AIP), which allows them to stay under water for weeks without having to be recharged. Dolphins are very quiet, they are very hard to track down and kill him. First three Dolphin had airindependent energy power plant.

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