Undercover XXI century: Roscosmos experimented with Gravitsappoy?

Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos experimented with Gravitsappoy?

I wish to tell about experiences rather ridiculous to suggest that either the spirit of Trofim Denisovich Lysenko was not blown away, or our senior management tier as it was, and remains a fundamental troeshnikami.

Joyful and intelligent film "Kin-dza-dza!" Directed by GN Daneliya know virtually everything.Gravitsa? Oup-it is from there, it is best to explain the film heroes: "Gravitsappa — this is not what pepelats may only way to fly, and with gravitsappoy at any point in the universe — Whack! for 5 seconds ".

STAGES "Huge WAY" Russian gravitsapu:

Number 1 REPORT 02.04.2006 10:54 NTV NTV correspondent Vladislav Sorokin.

In suburban Institute Gallakticheskih systems invented an engine that can accelerate to infinity.

Report itself can be heard and viewed in the end. Shortly essence:
In suburban Institute Gallakticheskih systems invented "gravitsapu" — so there is called engine, which, according to the creators, can accelerate to infinity. For vsepolnotsennyh test his wish to send into space. In the Russian Academy of the invention is not recognized as a theory lies at the basis of its creation.

Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos experimented with Gravitsappoy?

Yuri Danshui, Head of Research Gallakticheskih systems:

"Note that there is no screws, no oars. Let's read so that the thrust is due to the actual work of the device. "
"If this device was in gallakticheskom space, in other words in a vacuum, zero gravity, it would be accelerated indefinitely prolonged. To infinity. "
"Different is the name, but I call "Gravitsappoy". " / See video at number 2 /

It is surprising but Valery Menshikov (Director of the Institute Gallakticheskih systems, Major General Retired), who previously managed the cosmos itself is not denounced the "idea" of their own colleagues, and was very supportive of them.

Official science not recognized no work outside Moscow laboratory, nor the related theory of antigravity scientist spikes.
AUTHORITY: it is contrary to Newton's third law, the law of conservation of momentum (the law of conservation of momentum), and (as a consequence) Tsiolkovsky formula.
But while physicists argue, engineers once Kolupaev in formulas — need to prepare the ships of the last generation without cyclopean fuel tanks.

Let not resent those who knows everything, but I still recall briefly:

Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos experimented with Gravitsappoy?

(The movie is popular in the end of the article explains the third law of Sir Isaac, and the law of conservation of momentum at the end of the article under number 3)
The principle itself can be seen here:

Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos experimented with Gravitsappoy?

Jet propulsion. Tsiolkovsky formula, the validity of the introduction of multi-stage rockets:

Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos experimented with Gravitsappoy?

Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos experimented with Gravitsappoy?

The essence of "IDEAS":
Unfortunately, I do not know whether the patent and do not have access to the disk imaging, explaining the basic principles, but one can imagine that in this lumbering box on a piece of foam (sm.kinofilm) is the movement of the masses relative to each other, but inside it without apparent external thrusters (a piece of foam does not count). And, of magic, she turns, ie moves, however, in water, in the gravitational field and in the presence of air resistance. Approximately the same as gravitsappa 1st of magicians on video across the bottom of article for number 3, however, is very disgusting properties.
Yuri himself Danshui reads: "Note that there is no screws, no oars. Let's read so that the thrust is due to the actual work of the device. "
In the laboratory were made 6 choices motor running without garbage mass. At the basis of the very first made a couple of years back inventor S. Polyakov, — a tube the width of a thumb, a spiral encircling the cone. In the tube, the mercury — the heaviest liquid. Climbing up the spiral and then vertically down vorachivayas, Mercury chasing a closed circuit and with all this creates cravings. Electricity consumption in the operation of the pump, pumping mercury, much less of the energy that gets to move in space engine.
Yuri Danshui: "Imagine a ship gallaktichesky with this engine. Solar panels provide electricity for its long years, because the movement of mercury in a spiral guaranteed. Cravings engine creates quite small — 10s grams, but it is enough to ship flew to unknown limits. "
Well all right, you can spend such experience: rocker mounted on a cart with wheels, gently swing along the axis of motion and watch: the cart is moving without an engine! Note: I demonstaratsii for eight offspring used fire ladders to machine, thread and stone. And op-la! There gravitsappny effect device is moving. You can achieve even targeted (but unhurried and short distances) dvizheniya.Dogadaytes yourself why!
All unique engine to adjust the orbit of earth satellites ready.
You can also go the way of SRI Gallakticheskih systems: air, water, a piece of foam or rocker bar with "ball of Newton."

Yet the team has managed to Yuri Danshova "uboltala the" right

In May 2008, from Plesetsk rocket "roar" of the LEAD TO SPACE SMALL APPLIANCE Gallaktichesky "JUBILEE". ON IT AND INSTALLED "gravitsapu"

Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos experimented with Gravitsappoy?

In people, they say: everything turned out with the help of the "United Russian Federation" and the personal patronage of the State Duma speaker and chairman of the Supreme Council of "United Russian Federation" Boris Gryzlov, who stated that the existence of the RAS to combat pseudoscience is "obscurantism." And with no known support of Viktor Petrik.

BBC, 2008: Our homeland has launched a satellite with a "never-ending engine." It is remarkable, first, the fact that it is installed on an unusual slider to adjust the orbit, which its creators call "endless."
This is the first gallaktichesky engine is not running on a jet principle, but due to the movement inside his watery body working on a specific line of movement, reminiscent of a tornado. Energy for this will provide solar battery.
AIF, October 8, 2008:In the space without fuel. In orbit "eternal" engine.
"Gaze," 2009: Research and Managing Director of the Research Institute for Systems gallakticheskih name Maximova, Major General Valery Menshikov resignation on Thursday, "In May 2008 from Plesetsk rocket" Roar "has brought in a small space gallaktichesky device" Jubilee. " On it and set "gravitsapa." Within a half years perfected new devices and systems. Not so long ago, these tests are over, and we finally were able to start testing its own propulsion. He worked for more than 15 years, and the largest number of inclusions may reach 300 thousand "
Publisher of "Time", 2009 At the current low gallakticheskom device "Jubilee" is held experience with the engine, based on new physical principles of getting traction. Scientists are trying to overcome gravity.

There gravitsappy properties:
Tractive force — 10-30 gr. disseminations in the on-board power supply in the range of 10 … 13 V
Weight — 1.7 kg
Dimensions — mm 200h82h120
Power consumption — up to 8 W at 12 V
according to some sources, it looks like this:

Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos experimented with Gravitsappoy?

Gravitsappa, gallaktichesky mover, which is a device for the continuous movement without the expense of the working fluid … This engine is designed for at least some gallakticheskogo apparatus, particularly for nano-satellites.


04/02/2010 "Vesti FM"Interview with an expert on gallakticheskim stations magazine" Announcements of Astronautics "Igor Lisov.:
"The experiment was conducted on the satellite" Jubilee "…. There are no configurations in the orbit parameters of the satellite, for which could be responsible mover" gravitsapu "was noted. Myself I watched these characteristics — nothing, no perturbations. Slowly lower. Tee- to a tee as his teammates on the run. "
"Vesti FM": In other words, no scientific breakthrough in this no?
Foxes: "So far, at least, can not see anything."

ALL COMPLETE NOTHING, as it should be.

Costs, in principle, is not very large, the government does not actually invested in financing (perhaps because nowhere There is an AB Chubais and RUSNANO). Someone laughed, someone read a billion spent, someone wrote: "Lysenkoism in Russia again held in high esteem."

Every cloud has a silver lining. BUT:

Due to the events described was enjoying popular anecdote: "The State Duma in the 3rd reading approved the amendments to the laws of Newton. "

However, after consideration of action was this message:
Most recently caused a wide resonance message that the government of Belarus intends to use the torsion fields to protect their tanks.
And I remember in Moscow in the last year of Luzhkov tried to disperse the clouds of "death rays" (the truth is for the means of economical, great facilities.
All povtoryaetsya.Skoro one thread declares development Tranklyuka? Torus.

How are they?

Americans the same step on the same rake. Back in the day memorable for us Oct. 4, 1957.

USSR, second U.S. economic and technological development, has made unprecedented — made artificial celestial body. As a result, even in a pocket dictionary of British language early 60's, along with savory vodka and frightening cossack settled progressive, and now forgotten sputnik. Americans, according to the former director of the Library of Congress Daniel Boorstin, were convinced "that communism can not beat democracy in the field of science and technology, where the free, competitive thoughts promised progress." And here — hangs over America naizloveschaya shadow "Integral" gallakticheskogo ship of Zamyatin's dystopian "We", his excellent builder who actually made the ring until Sergei Queens, "sharashechny snakes."

"Pearl Harbor, American science"- Crowed Tokyo" Yomiuri ".
"Satellite puts America in the face of the latest and terrifying threat of war" — Senator Richard Russell was panicking.

To overcome the Russian leadership in space, it was decided to use a remarkable device: "System For Converting Rotary Motion Into Unidirectional Motion", "conversion system in the unidirectional rotary motion."
US Patent 2,886,976 on July 13, 1956, Norman L. Dean-insurance agent from Washington, DC.

Astounding Science Fiction June issue for 1960 posted an article Norman L. Dean "The Space Drive Problem".
Americans simply have forgotten (or did not know) that a 2-back centuries offspring whores and sapper, a foundling, dignified engineer, mathematician and philosopher Jean d'Alembert said:
"The body can not itself set in motion, since there is no reason to ensure that it is moving in one direction rather than another".
In unsupported medium or machine Dean or other inertsoidy can not move.

The truth later changed his mind and all the Free World gallakticheskoy assigned to manage the race: Baron Werner von Braun, the former SS Sturmbannfuhrer having experience in implementation of slave labor.
Statistics: the largest number of victims of V-2 were captured, "katsetniki" tyschami die in the tunnels of the underground missile performed the camp, "doorway", where Werner was one of the managers.

Some items of the world "Kin-dza-dza!" (Concise dictionary)
Pepelats — Starship used in Tenture.
Chatl — Currency unit used on the planet and Plyuk Hanud.
KC — The title of the usual matches, used in the galaxy Kin-za-za. Together with chatlom make the role of currency
Ka? Oup — Remote control anything.
Lutz — Fuel for pe
pelatsa made from the water.
Lutsekolonka — The station where you can purchase Lutz.
Plu? Ka — Special steel rod length of about 5 cm, to one end of which is attached several small strips of leather. It is used extensively in common on the planet Plyuk game.
Tsa? To — The bell for the nose.
Tsa? Oup (DAC) — Parts used, namely in pepelats.
Ötzi? X — The bullpen, the fortress — fabrications correctional institution and a form of punishment for Plucker.

Tranklyuka? Torus — The type of weapon used by the inhabitants of the planets Plyuk, Hanud and the other in the galaxy Kin-za-za.

For the record:
Trofim Denisovich Lysenko (1898-1976) became a figure of municipal scale in 1948, after the conference, where he delivered a passionate speech, calling the idea of Mendel "reactionary and decadent" and similar including these scientists to the list of opponents of the Russian people.
Gennady Shipov, graduate of the Physics Department of Moscow State University, Doctor of fizmatnauk, Academy of Natural Sciences: "The whole mechanics of what we were taught in school, which are dealing with on the road, in the elevator, on the couch, — Newton, in its base linear motion. But probable and the other mechanics — Cartesian, that says it all: the basic movement in nature — flailing. "
Patents spines on inertsoidy are not Russian registration, and Japanese and Thai, the third is seen in the European Union. The most beautiful type experimental apparatus itself is made in Thailand — the machine no bigger than a vacuum cleaner goes without fuel and management. In the development of Cartesian mechanics invested Thai bank.

Valery Menshikov, "I work also in an area where no one knows nothing."

Applied Materials:

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