Unidentified marine object

January 27, 2012 14:51

Amateur team of divers Ocean Explorer found in the Baltic Sea near Sweden some strange object, according to Yahoo!. As told their manager, Peter Lindbergh (Peter Lindberg), when sonar discovered on the bottom of the sea is something mysterious diameter of 60 meters, his first reaction was to scream, "Guys! We here at the bottom of the UFO. "
Next to a large object, there is another smaller but with similar form, and for the two runs a trace, as if they dragged from place to place for more than 120 m, of course, it may well be another wreck or even mud, but Peter Lindbergh believed that this mysterious object is too large. Ocean Explorer team initially was not going to return to it, but people interested in finding increasing, so the team changed its decision and awaits May when the sea will be more easy to go back and examine more closely what's on the bottom. The site team posted an offer to become a sponsor of the expedition, and for this to be a passenger on a submarine, who went to investigate the subject.

It should be noted that the Baltic Sea — a real treasure trove of sunken ships, and thus the probability that the find is even among the rubble, is quite high (initial lack of enthusiasm for the team svidetelstvut this assumption). In March 2010, during the study of the seabed of the Baltic Sea were found fragments of 12 ships from the age of 100 to 800 years. Many of them are very well preserved and, therefore, could be preserved and the goods which they were transported. This finding may be of great historical significance. In the Baltic Sea are thousands of wrecks of ships — from the medieval to the sunk during the world wars of the twentieth century. In this sea is not usual ship worm that destroys wooden ships of more saline waters, which allows ships to remain in much better condition.

By the way, in the same group of divers in 2010 under the guidance of an instructor Ekstroma Christian (Christian Ekstrom) found in the remains of a ship in the Baltic Sea with a champagne bottle XVIII century, which was thus the oldest surviving champagne in the world. Divers discovered the bottle directly on the boat and, much to their delight, it was perfectly preserved champagne. "We got a bottle to determine the age of the ship. We did not know that this is the champagne. We thought this wine or something. He had a terrific taste. It was sweet, with a flavor of tobacco and oak "- said K. Ekstrom.

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