Unidentified object flying over Novokuznetsk

September 14, 2012 10:30

Unusual time to videotape one of the locals. Under dark skies, strange object is not just hanging, and made a whole light show. Presentation lasted less than 30 seconds, and then the tradition UFO just disappeared from view.

Nothing suspecting and expecting nothing sverhneordinarnogo, novokuznechanin drove through the city, when the sky lit up point. The object hovered, emitting a beautiful blue rays, directly above the houses. And then shot up top. What in the atmosphere is not traveling weather balloon and plane, by roller, it became clear after a few seconds. Object thrown glowing tail like a comet, and continued his silent flight.

The next moment, the object altogether separate from the track and began to dress in the sky bright spiral. Nakruzhivshis and pretty shocking witnesses, UFOs, as usual, had disappeared.

What is flying over Novokuznetsk, experts and users of social networks guessing. There are versions that this object is not an unknown. But in reality, the city swept ballistic missile launch is always accompanied here as complex lighting effects.

Recall that a month ago a UFO seen over gas station in the village of Vaganova. Hanging in the sky point filmed Kemerovo engineer.

What actually appears in the sky over Kuzbass? The truth, as always, somewhere.

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