United States: 2005 will be the warmest in history




2005 could be the warmest in the history of observations of the average temperature of the planet, said this week, scientists space agency NASA.

Such observations began in the late XIX century, and while the warmest is 1998 minutes, and then — the years 2002 and 2003.

According to James Hansen of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA), the deciding factors of elevated temperature in 2005 will be a minor manifestation of the climatic phenomenon El Niño and human activity — gases that cause the greenhouse effect. El Nino — this is an unusual winter warming ocean waters associated with increased levels of precipitation.

"Over the last 30 years there was a steady increase in temperature," — said Hansen.

Last year, the average temperature was 14 degrees Celsius, which is about one and a half degrees higher than in the mid-twentieth century.

On global warming have an impact, and factors such as the strong volcanic eruptions, during which emits a huge amount of small particles and vapors of sulfuric acid (as it was in 1963, 1982 and 1991). These factors can be very long — from months to years — the effect.

When the El Niño phenomenon manifests itself in a high degree, the world is getting hot, experts say NASA. It happened, for example, in the record of the temperatures in 1998. On the other hand, a weak El Niño also brings warming — these were the years 2002 and 2003.

According to James Hansen, the surface of the Earth today reflects into space less solar energy than before, which also contributes to warming.

Battery News, 13-02-2005 11:09
Source: CNews

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