UNKNOWN drones interested FSB

UNKNOWN drones interested FSB
Yesterday in the Ulyanovsk regional FSB confirmed information «b» that are connected to the investigation into the events of aviation incident UAV happened last week in the skies over Ulyanovsk. Rosaviation Commission continues its own investigation, but the findings have not yet made. Responsible for the incident is also not named.

The fact that the FSB was interested UAV air incident, committed unauthorized clearance in the airport area UWLL, «b» reported more February 24, but then in the department did not comment on this information. Yesterday in the Ulyanovsk regional FSB said that departmental spetsy joined the investigation into the incident. «Yes, we are passionate about (rassledovaniem. -» b «), but no comments yet can not give» — ​​pronounced «b» in the department.

As reported, «b», Feb. 17 near the village of Arkhangelsk in the regulated area of ​​aircraft operations (zone C) airport in Barataevka interval between 10:00 and 11:00 in the sky suddenly appeared over Ulyanovsk unknown aircraft. Close encounter of the unknown aircraft with 2 aircraft flying club DOSAAF conducting the training in this area, saw the display radar air traffic controller, the pilot gave the home team on an urgent change of course and altitude. Object moving at a speed of 500 km / h at an altitude of 2.1 thousand meters the same rate as the deuce aeroklubovskih jet trainer aircraft L-29, entering the tail of the aircraft. According to the 1st of the pilots, he saw a vehicle with a lengthened fuselage, not having a cab with short reddish wings and wingtips. After turning the UAV aircraft went in the direction of Penza, and then disappeared from radar screens.

Yesterday confirmed «b» in the Volga interregional territorial department of air transport Rosaviation special committee continues to investigate the incident. The Defense Ministry as earlier claim that violations of the rules of safety, not only in this area, and the surrounding is not fixed. «During the period in the Ulyanovsk region UAV flights were planned and carried out,» — said the defense ministry. According to «Kommersant», the enterprise industry has also not take responsibility for the incident.

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