Upon daybreak! End of Darkness for Light

I learned firsthand the truth about the world of science. After school, went to study in physics in the first university of the country, knowing very well that astronomy. Spent 5.5 years trying to understand what all that is necessary, that gave me the current higher education, I knew in high school. An example of educational researchers: you may have heard that lost satellite signal "University — Tatiana" and was played in the press release that he could bring down the Americans experienced the beam weapons (energy cannon, plasma is possible). My big boss did that satellite and of course I asked him what was wrong, he replied that he just lost the signal. I told him the version of the press, and then he told me with obvious fanaticism began to tell what it's all fairy tales like UFOs, and then I realized what level my interlocutor. One of my friend in the army was still in testing this weapon and saw the plane in the sky, scattered by something invisible. UFO seen all Army men with whom I spoke, and I've seen many times. There is an entry from NASA satellites, which can see a similar case: UFOs and shot at him from the plasma gun from the ground. UFO dodged advance as anticipated future.

All science is based on dogma, does not have adequate facilities and procedures. Most so-called "scientists" — foreigners with evil and selfish intent race against people, against the truth, or bought for career posts and other worldly joy our relatives, serve "aliens."

But not all so sad truth is opened, the white light poured into the heads of people race and the trend is now to recuperate our race!

We all know that life on Earth would not be possible without our Yarily — Sun. We know that the aurora is a consequence of the solar wind and Earth's magnetic field.

Day after day listening to forecasts of space weather, geomagnetic conditions. Had often told us of the news about the solar flares and magnetic storms. That's really more than 2 years of storm we absolutely do not hear ………… Why?

The dark spots on the Sun, 2001

Figure 1 The dark spots on the Sun, 2001

One way or another somewhere probably heard about the 11 year cycle of solar activity. It was opened by modern civilization as soon as in her possession is a tool able to observe Yarylo-Sun. Solar maximum is the period with the maximum number of spots on the sun, at least, respectively, by contrast with the minimum number of these dark spots.

emnye spots on the Sun, 2003

Figure 2 The dark spots on the Sun, 2003

The complete absence of dark spots on the Sun, 2009

Figure 3 The complete absence of dark spots on the Sun, 2009

Science is that almost all of the dark spots on the sun and then converted into solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME), which then propagate along the magnetic lines of force heliomagnetic fields can reach the Earth and cause the very magnetic storms and other phenomena. But for more than 2 years of the scientific world dealing with the problems of the Sun puzzles and embarrassed in front of journalists, because for more than two years from the end of the last level (no one knows where this will end, and whether he is) almost no sunspots! There are only a very small spots with a frequency of once every 1-3 months. And there is a six-month intervals with no dark spots. In the history of the study of the Sun (about 300 years), this has never happened. Were original minimum delay, but the number of spots on the Sun was much larger than this time!

In space satellite was launched by NASA SOHO and flies there for over 10 years, enabling us to see the photos Yarily the Sun in different spectra (visible, ultraviolet, etc.)

Visible spectrum

Figure 4 Visible spectrum

Ultraviolet spectrum

Figure 5 UV spectrum

He also artificially creates Yarily eclipse of the Sun for their equipment, and we can see a beautiful sunny crown

An artificial solar eclipse

Fig.6 artificial eclipse of the sun

The last eclipse of the sun (as seen from the Earth)

Fig.7 last solar eclipse (the view from the Earth)

Remembering that there is a theory about the influence of solar activity on the events in the world, I decided to check it out myself and verified the events associated with global catastrophes under the foreigners (wars, revolutions, and major terrorist attacks, etc.) with the cycle of solar activity ( Figure 7). The result was an interesting picture (Table 1).

Solar activity peaks

Fig. 8 peaks of solar activity

Table 1 corresponds to a peak in solar activity and events attributable to those periods

Peak of activity



The first revolution, the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905


Great kike revolution, civil war, famine


Massive repression, the Second World War, the Second World


The outbreak of war in Korea


The first flight into space satellites, human mass production of ballistic missiles


The Vietnam War


The outbreak of war in Afghanistan


The collapse of the Soviet Union, the first Iraq war, privatization


Defaulted blasts in Volgodonsk and Moscow, the Chechen campaign, Kursk, September 11, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq.

 Figure 9, 10 blasts in Moscow

Fig.11, Fig.12 Jarilo-Sun during a disaster nuclear submarine "Kursk"

I do not know about you, but I Jarilo-Sun is reminiscent of a pumpkin for Halloween …

Figure 13 Sun 11 September 2001.

Conclusion: The dark spots or a negative impact on the events occurring in the world, or the dark forces in the world use the power of the dark patches to repair their mischief.

Look the same on the dark spots minimum "for scientific graphics"

Now look at all the spots in recent years (2007 — 2009 years):

The difference is "naked" eye.

Before that, I specifically wrote "dark" spots, as it turns out there are bright spots! Outlandish gate of hiding the truth from us, which is able to help us, all our strength, changing our language, our images, slandering us and our gods did not forget to "forget" about the bright spots, of which there is no question in modern science, which appear Along with the dark, but also be seen now as an independent phenomenon. Given the impact that the "dark spots" to bear on the events and processes that occur on Earth, it is easy to understand what the nature and quality of the event will take place under the active influence of the bright spots.

Figure 26 The appearance of the "bright" spots on the Sun

Santee Vedas Perun first circle


91. "Seven lap life is shrouded in darkness

Clans of the Great Race of land …

Many people die of metal and fire …

Serious come the time

for the people of Midgard-Earth

brother will rise against brother, the son of his father,

Blood will flow like rivers …

Mother will kill

their unborn children …

Hunger and spiritual void

otumanyat heads of many people in the Great Race

and they have lost faith in the justice …

92. But do not allow God the Creator One

and Rod Heaven death race …

Revival of the Great Race

and awakening the Spirit patron

sons Rod Heaven

bring White Dog

Sent by the Gods

to the Holy Land of the Great Race …

Cleanse the Holy Land

by millennial slave yoke gate of outlandish,

koi sacrifice

the flesh and blood of his children

and lies and flattery unjust

poison the souls of the children of Rod Heaven … "-" something "was meant here, is not it?

The oldest of the common forms of notation Slavic Carols Dara: Summer 604,383 times three Suns (2009)

Being meticulous analyst and skeptic inside I decided to test this statement.

After several years of study of the spatial velocities of neighboring stars in the 20th century it became clear that Jarilo-Sun orbits the center of the Milky Way at a speed of 250 km / s and relatively nearby stars with a speed of 20 km / s, ie, not just spinning with them.

Considering how far could overcome Jarilo-Sun in that time I got an interesting figure of -40.2 light years (not small, even by cosmic standards).

Nearest to us from the star system Alpha Centauri (Proxima Centauri is assumed that this is a triple star), and the distance to it only 4.2 light-years, up to Sirius — the brightest star in the sky 07.08 St. year, despite the fact that in the sphere of radius 40.2 light years is a lot of stars, we can not say the exact number, but more than 1,000 or even 100,000.

Known also Yarily and the movement of the Sun, it is directed to the point of the sky 18 hours right ascension, declination +30 degrees (very interesting numbers, because accurate and round). Ie We have arrived at the point of the celestial sphere with coordinates antipodal 6 hours and 30 degrees. Given the measurement uncertainty and the nonlinearity of the movement can estimate which stars were due as the other 2 Suns. Searching the satellite Hipparcos database, I found quite a few candidates for this role. Assuming that the stars could be quite close to the Sun-Yarily (within reason) is not strongly distorted planetary orbits (up to 0.01 or 632 sv.goda radius of Earth's orbit), you can also find them the maximum magnitude. I did it and got what they could glow like the moon, that is, enough for this time is called the three suns. One might add that almost all of the candidates are red dwarfs.

610,000 years ago, our ancestors could not see at night, only 2 of the Moon (Lola and months), and two red sun. Yes … the night sky they had richer our …

In our time, we see a structural change of our luminary, qualitatively changed the spectrum of the radiated energy. Perhaps this process is described in our heritage (the Vedas)

13 (109). Vsesokrushayuschaya Fire Reckoning Forces of Light will burn
servants of the World of Darkness, and all descendants of alien gate of,
Koji soulless emptiness filled
the whole human world … carrying the banner of his:
lies and sins, sloth and cruelty,
another's desire and lust
fear and lack of confidence in their abilities …
and it will be a great end of the world
for the gate of outlandish,
come from the World of the Dark …

And come
Dark End of Time,
for all branches of the Great Race,
and descendent of heaven …

SANTA 7 Vedas Perun first circle

So, now we find the connection between the legends of our ancestors and our modern Yarily — Sun.

Still, the darkness will cease to have effect to the entrance of the Sun Yarily the hall of the Wolf (-2012). Many dozens of calendars in different nations of the earth come to an end on 22 December 2012. Dark spots disappear, we appear — light and just have their effect. Yes, we use them, and rise up to the glory of the gods and our ancestors, to finally cast off the burden of strangers and live in harmony with mother nature by CONAM Shining Wisdom!


All photos are available on theNASA site

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