Uraltechnostroy Corporation has supplied equipment

"Corporation Uraltechnostroy" manufactured and produced a planned shipment of methanol pump unit for the "1630 arrangement 1A Achimovsky Urengoy deposit to the full development starting with the release of the complex (20 holes)," ZAO "Achimgas." The equipment is made in block-complete to maximize the performance of prefabrication, which provides installation and putting into operation as soon as possible.

CJSC "Achimgas" was established in June 2003. on an equal footing with «Wintershall AG», a 100% subsidiary of concern BASF, and OOO "Gazprom mining Urengoj", a 100% subsidiary of OAO "Gazprom".
The purpose of the enterprise — the development of the first pilot block of the Achimov deposits Urengoy gas field. Development Achimov deposits, at depths of more than 3.5 thousand meters, is very difficult: they differ in complex geological structure, the abnormally high reservoir pressures and require special technology development. But while the cost of production of gas in the Achimov 10-15 times the cost of the Cenomanian, whose reserves are nearing depletion, Achimovsk layers of bedding become a kind of "third breath" fields.

Also from the production site "Corporation Uraltechnostroy" in Ufa implemented ahead of schedule combined shipping flare for the project "Installation of oil. Construction of oil rims Samburgskoye field "of" Arcticgaz. " Well coordinated work units "Corporation Uraltechnostroy" and prompt resolution of all issues arising from the Customer allowed for the production of equipment for two months before the planned date. The unit is supplied complete with an upgraded control system ignition and flame control (SURFiKP type 2), which provides trouble-free operation in the automatic mode.

JSC "Arcticgaz" is one of the assets of LLC "SeverEnergiya" — a joint venture of four companies ("Gazprom neft", "Novatek», Eni and Enel).
Subsidiaries of LLC "SeverEnergiya" holds licenses for exploration and mining Samburgskoye, Evo-Yakhinskoye, Yaro-Yakhinskoye and North Chaselskaya license areas in Western Siberia (Yamal).


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