USA: Spirit on Mars has found a mysterious stone




Mars rover Spirit, for thirteen months-surfing Red Planet, gave scientists a new surprise. The device found near Gusev Crater stone with an unusually high content of sulfur and magnesium within breeds.

According to the New Scientist, the rover Spirit and had studied boulders with traces of sulfur on the surface. However, none of them had sulfur in its composition. According to researchers, a high percentage of the above-mentioned elements found inside the stone indicates the presence of a large quantity of magnesium sulfate. This, in turn, may reflect the fact that the boulder had once been exposed to water.

The researchers admit two possible ways the appearance of magnesium sulfate within breeds studied sample. First, the salt could be formed by the interaction present in the Martian atmosphere sulfuric acid and magnesium, are contained in the stone. A second boulder may be washed with water with dissolved magnesium sulfate. When all of the liquid water on Mars evaporated, the salt remains in the porous structure of the stone, where it was found, and Spirit. In the near future, scientists are going to draw definitive conclusions about the nature of the salt within the mysterious boulder.

The second rover, Opportunity finished studying the thermal protective cover, dumped on landing. It is expected that the data collected will allow engineers to improve the design of future Mars rovers, making it more reliable.

Battery News, 18.02.2005 11:53

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