Vanga. Visible world and the invisible

January 24, 2013 23:21

Vanga.  Visible world and the invisible

As abcolyutno blind illiterate peasant could look into the past and future of his contemporaries, faulting while rarely? Vangeli Guscherova was born at midnight on the 30th of January 31, 1911. Her name is still shrouded in mystery. Vanga phenomenon neither scientists nor the people who knew her can not explain to this day. She attended a party in more than a million people from around the world. To her, people came to nobody famous and very, very famous — heads of state, senior politicians and businessmen, writers and actors.

At the heart of this film is a unique story about a secret visit to Vanga in late 1995, the Press Secretary of President Boris Yeltsin — Sergei Medvedev. Prelude to the story was the emergence in the Kremlin representatives Vanga, Yeltsin asked to pass ee request — as soon as possible to come to Bulgaria. Clairvoyant going to tell the Russian leader something important regarding the upcoming elections, the results of which were evaluated for Boris Yeltsin in those days, very badly. Rating current president and not more than 4 percent. Sergei Medvedev's visit to Vanga was carried out in an atmosphere of secrecy. It's clear why. Otherwise, the opposition press immediately trumpeted would — on the eve of the presidential election headquarters Yeltsin sent his emissary to a fortune! How did the story, as an unusually developed and the over — all this viewer will find the first time.

Also in the film, you will learn about a completely unknown episodes Vangeli Guscherovoy life. A film crew visited almost all the places associated with Vanga, who played an important role in the fate of visionary. Neither crew was not up to us to visit! In particular, this new village in Macedonia, where the fragments of the house where Wang lived with her father and stepmother, and a spring Khan Cesme, where there was a culmination of a tragedy in the life of the prophetess.

We present you with a text version of this movie.

Wang said:
— If I tell people everything that I see and know, they immediately want to leave this world. And you do not even know what I was made of belonging, blessed, seeing nothing and not heard.

Sergei K. Medvedev:
This detective story began in the late autumn of 1995. As the press secretary of the Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, I took direct part in it. For a long time — and that the reason — it was kept a secret. Now you can talk about it.

— That day I was in his office in the Kremlin. There was a lot, the situation is tense. On the eve of the presidential election, Yeltsin obviously lost its competitors. And then this strange call. Take up. This was a man Stoyan Petrov. He called at the request of the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga, which offered as much to President Yeltsin, to come to her to Bulgaria. Why? To inform him infinitely important, related to the upcoming elections.

Vangeli Guscherova — the world famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga, the mystery of the 20th century. She has visited hundreds of thousands of celebrities from around the world, presidents and heads of state, business leaders and politicians, kings and sheiks, famous writers, philosophers and scientists. Many today revered as a saint Vangeli. But many of those who are afraid to say out loud, even her name, believing Wang devil incarnate.

On the invitation of Vanga I reported to the president. He hesitated a little and said, quite seriously, "I'm not going anywhere. Decide for yourself, but without fanfare. " Which meant that this does not have to know anybody. The situation in the country was difficult. Because of the slip and the failure of economic reforms during the current President of the Chechen war rapidly losing popularity. At the headquarters of the Yeltsin were suggestions to cancel elections and impose emergency rule. Communist victory is threatening to reverse the movement of history. Weigh everything, I invited a representative of Vanga come to the Kremlin: her attorney Boyko Tsvetkov and translator Stoyan Petrov.

Stoyan Petrov says:
— The next day we went to the Kremlin Boyko and times, met with Sergey Konstantinovich. And he said: "I am flying on behalf of the President of Russia." When we learned that the president himself does not fly, we caught up with Wang and she was told to take the president or a sugar cube, or his watch.

By meeting with Bulgaria, I have time to prepare and have understood, why are Vanga sugar or watch. How to do this we will explain later. But how to explain the head of state?

I walked into the office of the president. Knowing the ratio of Yeltsin to sorcerers, fortune tellers and other public, about the sugar, I did not even stutter, but about the watch said. "So, they say, and so, Boris: Wang asked if you do not go, so I brought her your watch." If the president did not like something, he frowned and any special lifted his left eyebrow. But then there was a pause, and Boris stern voice said, "No, my watch, I will not give, take this."

Stoyan Petrov says:
— Just a day 2 — after 3, we met with Medvedev at the airport and flew to Bulgaria.

We arrived in Sofia at night. Back in the airport, I slandered one obligatory condition to know the reasons for the visit should not be a nobody. And at random publicized my trip is purely private. Otherwise, you can imagine what the headlines will be glistening newspapers affairs are so bad that the Kremlin is sending an emissary to a fortune.

About Vanga says the number of books and articles that multiply many myths about the Bulgarian prophetess. As if she predicted end of the world war and the global emergency landing of aliens.

Says Tom Toms (filmmaker):
— It's like Everest from myths. And a huge number of these myths — is an absolute lie.

Vanga is credited with predicting the Chernobyl disaster, the exact date of the beginning of the Afghan war and the collapse of the twin towers in New York, and much, much more.

Sergei Kostornov (journalist):
— For example, on the Internet in everyday use rumor that Vanga predicted the death of the submarine "Kursk". Well, it did not predict this, really.

Moscow journalist Sergei Kostornov can trust: he was a friend of Wang and even became her godfather.

Sergei Kostornov:
— She says, "That's godfather at the wedding will you." Well, I was not myself. I say, "Wang, and I-then what?" — "I do not know why. I was there (gesture up) said that the godfather must be you. " I say, "Wang, but I'm not ready for this, I do not know your customs, and I'll say, who am I?" — "I do not care who you are. I was told — you, and all, and you refuse. "

Since then, Sergey and Wang, we can say intermarried. For Sergei this video is unique, we show the first time.

Myths about the famous Bulgarians are living in their own right, gathering all the new fantastic details. All this, in fact, working against Vanga. Stories distort the perception of it real, earthly life. Therefore, we deliberately do not talk about the prophetess of hearsay, and give to speak only to those who directly experienced the impact of Vanga.

Neshka Robeva — a frequent participant of the world championships — the former head coach of the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics.

Says Neshka Robeva:
— One day, Wang began to tell me about the events in which I just had to participate. She described everything in detail. She described the room, people in the room, she said, who will be the winner, and added, it will be a girl with flowers in her hair. In those competitions winning Soviet team played with ornaments in the form of flowers.

Indeed, while the world championship in Rotterdam won the Soviet national team.

Neshka Robeva:
— All that she told me, I did not question, because everything that she told me everything was fulfilled.

First Sergei Mikhalkov, the author of "Uncle Stepan," and the Russian national anthem, visited Vanga in 1979. Set up was extremely skeptical.

Says Sergey Mikhalkov:
— "Here come your sister." I say, "Wang, my sister's not." She said: "That is how it is not sisters? Here come your sister, she is standing next to you … "

Mikhalkov then chuckled to myself: Well, as I expected. But in Moscow, he remembered.

Sergei Mikhalkov:
— I asked my relatives, "And I had a sister?" — "Did you have a sister, she died, she was 5 years old." And Wang could not have known.

Then Sergei Mikhalkov went to Vanga several times. On subsequent visits did not tell anyone, she said only that the prophetess foretold him long life. Indeed, Mikhalkov has lived 96 years.

Famous writer Leonid Leonov also met with Vanga repeatedly and repeatedly said, "I was familiar with many celebrities: from Gorky, Stalin, Solzhenitsyn — I traveled the world, but Wang, it struck me as a nobody."

Leonov initially came to Bulgaria with his wife, and then, when she died, was to take with him a daughter.

Natalia Leonova (daughter of writer Leonid Leonov)
— And Wang asked: "What my mother cremated?" — "Yes." Then she says, "Here it is in a blue skirt, a white blouse and a blue woolen jacket on it. This color, which my mother always dressed at home: so. But the question is: why was cremated? And then later, when the conversation was over, Dad asked, "Wang, how do you know that she was cremated?" She said, 'Those who cremated, do not appear immediately. They first appear in the form of a cloud, as the smoke which, and then gradually the smoke begins to change their lines, silhouette figure appears, and then there is a man. "

Actress Alla Demidova Wang literally as soon as she crossed the threshold.

Said Alla Demidova (actress):
— "Why do I see you in uniform?" I say, "Which one?" She described exactly uniform Angelika ("Shield and Sword"). I say it's my role. "Are you an actress?" I said, "Yes." Then she got up, had my back, a little pat, a kiss, and we went. I came back a different person.

Alla Demidova visited a prophetess in 1974. That was the year came to Nevena Toshev Petrich film about Vanga. Petrich — Bulgarian town at the junction of two interfaces: with Greece and Macedonia. In the camera lens Wang then came the first time. Everything happens on the screen is so contrary to the basis of communist ideology, which shows a picture somewhere outside the country was strictly forbidden. And in Bulgaria itself to the fall of communist rule in 1989, it looked only very close to the power of the audience. Secretly, in private screenings. With the proposal to make the picture appealed to Tosheva Bulgarian scientists.

Neven says Toshev:
— Came to me and asked Professor Shipkovensky make a film about Vanga. At the time, the topic was very popular: the paranormal. Wang initially flatly refused. It could not be persuaded. Had to appeal to the leaders of the state.

By that time, Wang is already very well known in the family Zhivkov. Secretary General of the Bulgarian daughter was her best friend. In those years, she served as Minister of Culture, and was part of the Politburo of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Ludmila was a secret passion: mysticism and the occult. Todor Zhivkov himself, being a staunch atheist, treated leniently fads daughter, but to a point.

Lyudmila nevertheless persuaded his father to meet with Vanga, and that with amazing accuracy he described an episode during the war, which Zhivkov did not tell anyone.

Eugene Zhivkov (granddaughter of Todor Zhivkov)
— This does not even know us. Grandfather commanded a guerrilla group. One day, his unit was surrounded, and he decided to shoot himself, but the gun misfired and so my grandfather did not have time to commit suicide. She told him the case and then he came to believe that she does have the gift of seeing past people.

Then Wang many times brought to Zhivkov, however, by the head of the family in those days firmly by her side, avoiding any personal co. However, his colleagues in the party went back to the prophetess regularly.

Eugene Zhivkov:
— Do not know the details of all those who met her. But if not all, almost all the members of the top management of Bulgaria somehow contacted Wang.

A reasonable question arises: how to behave with intelligence? They did not try to take Wang to the development, as a source of valuable information? Tried. In 1975, even blackmailed arrest, allegedly as an agent of foreign intelligence. Among the visitors were many famous Vanga foreigners. But all this ended abruptly after the intervention Ludmila Zhivkova, which seems to have gained the support of his father. While under the control of the state security organs Wang was always, as with Zhivkov, and after his arrest in 1990. But of all this we will tell you.

In the cold autumn 1995 to Petrich we traveled almost 4 hours, rain fell, the road was slippery. In Petrich hotel decided not to take it, went into the convenience store, I bought Vanga whiskey. I was told that this would be the best gift: a physician's recommendation, Wang sometimes took 40 grams. Further our path lay in place Rupite where Wang just moved from Petrich after attempting to arrest her for espionage in 1975.

It is true Rupite — place special, even eerie, like you get in a different dimension. The hamlet is located on the site of an ancient volcanic cover, extinct thousands of years ago. But the fire, who had it, reminds himself today. Around here beat hot mineral springs, they hover all year, enveloping haze cliffs and valleys. And it gives the landscape a certain inexplicable strangeness. Wang said that it is here, as elsewhere, is charged with a special energy that gives her strength. I must say that she has always slept very little. And here, in Rupite, no more than 2-3 hours a day.

Stoyan Petrov says:
— We arrived in the early morning Rupite, and near the house of Vanga was empty. Usually there is always a lot of people are waiting stand. And I thought that, perhaps, Wang gave great importance to this meeting and waited only us.

Of squat tents, a woman came out and asked us to wait a bit. After 10 minutes she came and gave a sign that you can enter.

Sergei Medvedev:
— Right in the doorway I heard the guttural, harsh, I thought, a very loud voice: "Visitors from Russia." Wang was sitting on a chair, her shoulders were covered with a dark scarf, she did not get up. Back then I did not know that Wang is terminally ill. I got out of a portfolio of gift — a bottle of whiskey and put it on the table. Wang was delighted, I thought, very sincere, well and then went to talk.

Stoyan Petrov
— During the translation, I suddenly feel that she did nedoslushivaet. Sergey K. speaks question, I begin to translate, and it got me nedoslushivaet I start a few words to say, it begins to respond. That is, it turns out, as if the question she already knew. Even one such strange thing was that she said something, I began to translate, she suddenly interrupted me: no, no, wait, you're not saying. That's it.

Sergei Medvedev:
— Honestly, I was not myself. As if in the X-ray room, but there appear through your insides, and then only as a whole.

In the mid-1960s, the pilgrimage to Vanga has reached epic proportions. Clairvoyant took a day over a hundred people. The authorities turn a blind eye was impossible. And in October 1967, the company under the name "Wang" decided to legalize the official.

Sergei Medvedev:
— Every morning along this street in Petrich, which bears the name of Vanga, line up very long queue of people wishing to get to the famous grandmother. Bulgarian authorities have decided that is not a sin to make a such popularity. So here, in front of the house, built a ticket booth. Ticket to cost about 10 Bulgarian leva — about 12 Soviet rubles for national capitalist countries — 60. Well, very Wang made by public servants and put her salary 200 leva — not a lot.

An appointment with a psychic recorded sometimes almost a year in advance. Wang herself strictly monitored so that no one slipped out of turn. Wang made an exception only for those who have met with her — a matter of life or death.

Voice Wang (newsreel):
— Hey, who climbs out of turn? Is he — confirmed person or what? Accept, Wang, who slipped or no one with me does not count. So it will not work. Who are you? — "I'm on the list" — I see that in the list, you have recorded on the 27th, and now 25th. Come get up there. And you stand there quietly, do not talk, and so the head is broken.

During filming near Vanga was constantly psychologist, professor Shipkovensky.

Wang and dialogue Shipkovenskogo (newsreel):
— Let's povogorim about you.
— And, no, I do not want that. Let's about love and the soul.
— Whose soul, and love?
— What?
— On your own love?
— No, no, ask about those women who are standing there at the door.

Later, in a conversation with colleagues Shipkovensky say that after the death of Vanga will need to examine her brain. Prophetess, learning about it, said Professor: "Nothing you will not, you'll die before me."

Shipkovensky Wang did not survive. But before he left for the other world, where it is so easy to navigate his test subjects, he made a report, which will be a sensation, generating heated debate going on to this day: who's a Wang?

Sergei Medvedev:
— At midnight, January 31, 1911, in the Macedonian town of Strumica girl was born. She was premature, seven months and a weak, that no one in the family believed she would survive. Because of this, even the name — Vangeli — the girl was given only 2 months later. Barely out that in itself was a miracle. His parents were so poor that about any doctors there was no question. Vangeli father, a farmer SURCH Pande, rotten day on the neighboring villages, but its economy has not amassed. But the girl's mother died when she was 4 years old. Pande brought home her stepmother, however, kind and caring. In 1923, they both moved to the new village, a suburb of Strumica, to try his luck. Surprisingly, the New Selo we managed to find a house Surchevyh, however, is left of it in ruins. Here before us has not been removed.

Dialogue (Sergei Medvedev and local):
— This is where Wang lived, right?
— Yes, there is.
— This is a wall?
— Yes, clay, stone …
— Everything is built?
— Yes.

When Vangeli was 6 years old, my parents noticed that their daughter appeared a strange game: she picked up a ball or toy, went outside and hid there this toy. Wang then came into the house, tied his eyes and began to search in the yard that had hidden. Her parents did not pay attention to this game. Plays a girl, and let them play. Then their is a guard, and they firmly said no. However, despite all the restrictions, Wang continued to play blind.

What it is: a fatal sign, warning that no one read it? On the outskirts of the New Village, we found yet another unique place — a spring Khan Cesme. And here we are shooting for the first time. Not far away was a tragedy, fatally determined the fate Vangeli. She was then 12 years old.

Dialogue (Sergei Medvedev and local):
— Here's a little Wang went to fetch water.
— It Cheshma Khan, here's?
— Yes. For a hundred years, the water here is not changed, the same net.
— Tasty water, really, good.

One hot summer day, Vangeli two cousins went on the road to the spring Khan Cesme. Walking was nothing — less than a kilometer. Suddenly the sky darkened and the wind blew terrible. In the eyes of the girls was a large air funnel that sucks rocks, broken trees and lifted into the air. Numb with horror girl clung to some snag, and this time they saw this unknown force their sister Vangeli lifted into the sky.

Found it only at the end of the day, covered with branches and earth, barely alive with fear and pain. Her eyes were filled with sand and dust. After that, she began to go blind. Father sold everything he could, even a single sheep. But on a serious treatment of money is not enough, and the local quack-grandmother could not help. Wang completely blind.

In 1974, for kinogruppy Neveny Tosheva first day of shooting turned into a surprise. Even before filming Wang suddenly asked: "How are you going to shoot when you have faulty equipment?"

Neven says Toshev:
— And we have brought the very first-class technique two brand new cameras, the latest record the tape, it was all very modern.

Late in the evening the film crew returned to Sofia. And the middle of the night in the apartment Tosheva phone rang.

Nevena Toshev:
— Call me by my sound engineer and frightened voice says that the sound is not signed at all, a tape cassette was completely empty, like this. I was shocked, because Wang essentially warned us about this.

Surprisingly, this happened many times. One day, during a routine visit to Vanga Leonov and his daughter was able to see the prophetess in the extremely rare for her trance. In the hands of writer kept working recorder. Wang is a very important situation for Leonova.

Natalia Leonova (daughter of writer Leonid Leonov)
— "And — he says — Elena came." Again, talk fast, then speeding up the rate of speech: "Even Helen's here!" And then she flew (showing rapid unintelligible mumbling). And I'm interpreter whispers: "Natasha, I listen, then I will translate, then, I can not …" And we sit in silence, the pope was silent, I am silent. It carries so that the sounds of a mass …

After completely shocked visitors came from Vanga, Leonov interpreter asked, "translation".

Natalia Leonova:
— She pulls out a tape recorder, includes — empty. All heard — nothing. I thought, my God, what a blessing that I did not took the tape, Dad would say that I do not know how to use it. But everything is all gone.

Knowing about such cases, TV broadcasters around the world before the shooting Vanga always thoroughly prepared the equipment, but sometimes it did not help. Before his visit to Vanga I also repeatedly checked my voice recorder, take a test record. By arrangement with the security service Yeltsin tape our conversation, I had to bring to the Kremlin.

Stoyan Petrov
— Recorder, as we put on the table and turned on, we forgot about it. There bulb lit up, that it works, that's all. Tape was such a small kassetkoy and I personally remember kassetka twirled, works fine. Then about it we had forgotten.

And for good reason. Vain.

Sergei Medvedev:
— As she recalled Wang, the first time she heard a voice saying to her about the past and the future, in April 1940. She was afraid to say so villagers because she thought that she will find a madman. But one day she spoke. In the circle of his neighbors, to discuss what to do in the next year, she said: "None of this will happen in April 1940 will be war." She laughed at, but when on April 6, German troops marched into Yugoslavia, the prophecy remembered. From that day became known clairvoyant Vanga.

And it threw people. First from his native village, and then from the surrounding villages, and finally, with the whole of Macedonia. It was then that she met her future husband. Few people know that he was the husband of Vanga.

Sergei Medvedev:
— In May 1942, soldiers granted to Vanga, dark, slim, twenty-five. Someone killed his brother, a merchant, and the guy wanted to find the killer and get revenge. He had long hesitated to enter the house, while she did not come out of Wang on the threshold. When she said, 'Come on, Dmitry! "- He almost lost for words, because Wang could not know his name. She continued: "I will not say anything about the person you're looking for, because you start to take revenge, but do not need. But you live to see the day when the eyes see them die. "

The guy was coming to Vanga more and more often. When she told her friends: "Mitko made me an offer," — no one would believe her. Stately, beautiful and marries a blind man? But so it was. They were married. Dimitar Vangeli and lived together for 20 years. Happy and bitter. In recent years, Mitko washed down, seriously ill, and no wonder-working power of his wife was not rescued. Wang then tells his sister knew everything, saw everything and waited for a miracle, praying. As it turned out, as has often repeated itself: "Someone else read destiny, but to change it I can not." After a few years in the house of a widowed woman knocked orphan boy. He, like her late husband's name was Demetrius. Wang adopted a boy, and he became dearer to her mother. He studied well, first at school, then a lawyer at the University of Sofia. If all native Vanga wrote about her book, willing to give an interview, the son has not publicly said his mother a single word, though he was devoted to her until her last breath. Uttered a strange one: "All in good time."

This is the house of Vanga in Petrich. Now a museum.

Recalls Kirsan Ilyumzhinov:
— Here's climbed the ladder, and a lot of these feelings was, thought, here is a woman I see Wang, here and so slowly up the stairs. There was nothing here a little, rebuilt, because a lot of tourists there. Then there were three little rooms, they're so small, and, when I came here, I heard — somebody screams, this Baba Vanga. She loudly said, "Go, go here."

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was at Vanga more than 30 times. This alone speaks volumes. He is a busy man, and nothing here would not go. Ilyumzhinov is guided better than any local guide. The first time he came to Vanga an unknown young man.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov:
— Here, she said: "Will you manage people, thousands, millions." I said, "What kind of people, I'm not the president of the republic …" I thought maybe the president will become a big corporation. Well, just a couple of months, I was elected president of the Republic of Kalmykia, and immediately called Baba Vanga, came here. One of the first predictions came true.

Then come true and the next. Once Wang said Kirsan: "And why do I see two presidents?" Ilyumzhinov, President of Kalmykia, all became clear only after a year, when he was still the president of FIDE.

On deciphering the phenomenon of Vanga and all the miracles connected with it, and still fighting doctors, physicists, psychologists. Assess the most polar. But nearly all agree on one thing: Bulgarian — extraordinary phenomenon.

Sergei Mikhalkov:
— There are people I have not seen.

Natalia Leonova:
— She sees what we do not see. She knows what we do not.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov:
— Academy of Sciences of France gave her the title: the phenomenon of humanity.

I must say, there are those who belong to the phenomenon of Vanga's completely different. To this day, there are rumors that the prophetess used a network of informants who previously collected for her information about visitors. Taxi drivers, maids in hotels and even members of Bulgarian secret services.

Nikolai Leonov, Lieutenant-General:
— Any special network of informants at Vanga hardly had. In general, then, if you want to create such a network, it will be enormously huge. It should contain, it should be controlled, it is impossible.

But as for the participation of Bulgaria in the fate of the state security of the prophetess, the situation is not so clear. After Wang attended a very famous people from around the world, and no self-respecting intelligence agency will not miss this.

Nikolai Leonov, Lieutenant-General:
— Of course, the people who were part of her entourage have been linked with the Bulgarian secret services, of course. One thing that will tell Bulgarian secret services and who believe them, and another that says Wang's ear to such and such minister or ambassador, or general, who had come from some other country. I, for example, is absolutely no doubt that the Russian state of our political leaders appealed to her personally or Gorbachev, or people associated with Gorbachev very closely.

Toma Tomov, Bulgarian documentary detail shot Wang in recent years of her life.

Tom Toms:
— I think because I saw it in her house — when the repair was — there were dozens of microphones, bugs. Always wanted to see what she says if she knew something.

Yeah, probably so. But if the security forces controlled by Wang as she, having such incredible abilities, did not feel it?

Stoyan Petrov
— I felt all the time that Sergei Medvedev was internally tense. And in one such pereryvchik he leaned over to me and said, "Stoyan, this conversation no one will know. Someone is listening now. "

Stoyan asked directly. Stoyan Petrov
— That's right, and I asked (at Vanga): "Right now we have people liability. We do not listen to now? This no one knows? "At this she did not just smile, but even laughed.

Sergei Medvedev:
— But then she asked me to Wang fresh air, so that the main questions I asked her when we walked near her home.

Scientists are seriously engaged in studying the ability of Vanga in the late 60's. Most solid research conducted by Professor Georgi Lozanov, director of the Institute suggestologii. Suggestologiya science studies the mechanisms of suggestion and hypnosis.

Sergei Kostornov, journalist
— Just cover up her whole apparatus, which was at the time, and he took notes. And he came to the conclusion that almost 80 percent and even more hits.

Lozanov and Shipkovensky spoke at the debate, which had been invited leading Bulgarian scientists. Unanimity was not.

Newsreels (replica panelists)
— I wonder how cultural country, based on the Marxist-Leninist ideology, may be exposed to such psychosis.

— Without faith, without any superstition Wang can not predict human.

— Wang is of great scientific interest. If we can study it scientifically phenomenon, it would be a step to understanding the phenomenon of God.

The result was a verdict: rigorous proof sensing abilities Vanga was received. But also no denying their bases.

Vitaliy Novik, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences:
— The situation is to ensure that Lozanov spoke with individuals over time and complete confidence, I would say, from the reaction to the words of Vanga. Moreover, to date no data is received objectively depending from the quality and the subject's memory, no. In the framework of the well-established, proven a thousand ideas, alas, it will not be miracles.

Sergei Medvedev:
— Here in my hand a stone, so I throw it in the lake. And suddenly the stone before they reach the water, hangs in the air, and then dissolved. I'll tell you about it in Moscow — no one would believe it. It was my encounter with a miracle, like those who met with Wang and opened a miracle for yourself. But how does it prove? However, you can not assume all those who received help from Vanga, abnormal or deceivers. On the other hand, if scientists have not, can not be explained, at least to confirm all of this, then go right and get the Nobel Prize.

I wonder how she Wang explains his incredible powers?

Neshka Robeva, former head coach of Bulgaria
— She said, while you sleep, at night I do not sleep much, and all the time from sunset to sunrise, I wander the earth, I see such terrible things.

Svetelin Roussev, the artist:
— Wang said many times that she talks to the dead, as I am now talking to you. That is, it was a living proof of the existence of another world, different from our real.

Alla Demidova, actress:
— She was always out of pocket dresses — this summer it was — get something and sniffed. I read a lot of Baudelaire, I thought: well, here is the secret herb, it goes into a trance, and so on. Then I asked her why this sugar.

Sergei Medvedev:
— Sugar — one of the secrets of the gift Vanga. She asks each interlocutor carry a piece of sugar, which had lain in his house at least a few days. And only after that Wang takes his cube cubes and begins to penetrate the interlocutor. Versions about sugar was put forward and put forward a lot, but they are far from scientific. Perhaps the explanation is found in the past, Vangeli hungry?

Do not forget that Wang — illiterate peasant. And those strange voices, and visiting her vision, she explains understandable and accessible to her, although in fact it may be much more complex and ever will be explained quite differently. And while many simply beneficial to around Wangi existed a mystical aura. It's easier to put under its banner charlatans of all stripes, of which around the world countless.

Sergei Medvedev:
— In the house in Petrich to visit psychics Vange came from all over the world. For them, a date with her grandmother Vanga was priceless certificate and an excellent advertisement. Then, because they can say, I took myself Wang. Many such individuals were coming here from Russia. Not without its oddities. One Bulgarian newspaper "Trud" published an article with a screaming headline "Wang kicked a human X-ray." Since then called Grigory Grabovoi, which later in Russia jailed for fraud. Them all: and hornbeam and Kashpirovsky and Chumaka Wang called false prophets.

Wang considers himself a Christian. She was baptized and married in the Orthodox Church, his life praying for the salvation of his soul and the souls of people who visited her. But clerics regard it with suspicion.

Neshka Robeva:
— There was one occasion when Wang asked me: "What do you think about God? How do you imagine God? I said: "No, I do not know." And she said: "No one has seen God. God — it is the light. " She once said: "Neshka, take the Bible, read it out loud, and I will tell you that this is true."

Of course, such statements, as well as the ability to call the spirits of the dead Vanga, the approval of the church hierarchy does not cause.

John Popov, rector of St.. Peter and Paul:
— If there was any truth in the person of Vanga, which would coincide with the truth of the church, they would have adopted each other, and there would be no conflict. But in any case, the church can not err in its relation to the clairvoyant, the church had never been to take. A person can make a mistake, the church is never.

The already uneasy relationship with Vanga Bulgarian Orthodox Church worsened after Wang realized his dream. With the money she had been saving his life, she built in Rupite, near his house, the church of St. Petka. In this case, the prophetess took an active part in its construction.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov:
— Yes, I was a witness of how many times I was there when it was built there. She swore to the builders, she sits here and says, "That's not doing over here do, so do." Here's how it?

An interesting situation arose when the dome of the church established by helicopter cross. In this case, it's a little twisted.

Toma Tomov, Bulgarian documentary:
— When given up, she said: "Cross a little twisted." Look, yes, — altered.

Overseeing the construction and paint the church Wang asked the famous Bulgarian artist Svetlin Rusev.

Svetlin Rusev:
— I asked Wang how to paint the church. And she said, "You yourself know." So I was free to choose and simply said Wang, and what will be, what will be the icons. She simply replied, "You yourself know everything." I worked mostly at night, when there were no people in artificial light. He started in the evening and continued until the early hours. I always felt like someone I somehow helps.

Sergei Medvedev:
— In 1994, construction of the church of St. Petka was over. It turned out does not look like one Bulgarian church. At the entrance — a commemorative plaque. She recalls that the temple was built Vanga. There is always a lot of people, and they come to worship not only Saint Petka, and Vanga.

Temple hit their uniqueness so that the Bulgarian clergy refused to cover it, asked to rewrite the iconostasis, change some architectural solutions.

Wang did not want to change anything. Vanga disputes with the bishops reached grave situation sometimes heat.

Voice Wang (newsreel):
— Well, you at least a little Think, you lord, you have to be wool is softer, sweeter than sugar.

Svetelin Rusev:
— Even one day she said to him: "Do you think I do not know what you're thinking? Want to take the church itself first, and then the cover up. He said it is not nothing.

The stumbling block was the image itself also Vanga, placed next to the iconostasis, which is perceived as an icon of the bishop. Roussev also claimed that this is the usual portrait, which is always located in the Orthodox churches in honor of the organizers.

Svetelin Rusev:
— They had a difficult conversation. The bishop said that the church does not meet the canons. But in the end, after talking to Vanga conversation sharp enough, hard enough to talk, he still gave his consent, and consecrated the temple. It was the day before the opening of the temple.

At the opening of the church gathered an enormous amount of people. Vanga fans came from all over Bulgaria and abroad.

Sergei Medvedev:
— Temple, indeed, unusual not only in its architecture. Note the iconostasis: images of saints are very far from the church canons. Here is a portrait of Vanga in a frame. He is very close to the iconostasis. So after all it is a portrait or icon? We have taken note: many of those who go to church and pray for this portrait.

Wang always very warmly about Russia. She said many times that our country expects a great future.

Wang (newsreel):
— Russia — a great country. You'll be fine. Russia will rise.

Sergei Medvedev:
— Why did Wang to invite President Yeltsin? She told me about it. Tormented all in Moscow, the question of who wins the election, for it is not a mystery — Yeltsin. But the victory cost him dear, he will have problems with their heart, and you have to be careful. Then, when the president happened several heart attacks in a row, I realized what she had in mind.

Many times I replayed the conversation in my mind with Vanga, and how it will report on the president. And he came to the conclusion that the best thing to give him a listen on the recorder is recording our conversation. Here it is the recorder, the same. Before you meet with Boris Nikolayevich, I'm at the office pressed the «Play»:

Sergei Medvedev's voice recorder:
— Auntie Wang, and how you feel, but today the rain … (Silence in response).

Sergei Medvedev:
Nothing more, but slight crackles. I listened to the tape to the end — is not recorded anything. Amazingly: record disappeared.

Then, at a meeting with the president I had to tell that the prophetess spoke about the election. He listened with skepticism, but when we are talking about the results of the vote and he heard that the winner, Yeltsin smiled a corner of his lips, nothing more.

July 3 the second round of presidential elections in Russia. Yeltsin won more than 52% of the vote and was re-elected for a second term. And from Bulgaria came the bad news: Wang was already so ill that she could not get out of bed.

August 3, 1996 Vanga health deteriorated, and she was brought here, in Sofia, to the government clinic. After 2 days, his doctors at an emergency press conference, said that the state of Vanga critical. This news excited not only to Bulgaria, but the whole world.

Sergei Medvedev:
— At the request of Yeltsin I called to Bulgaria and ask if you want any help. They said help is nothing impossible.

August 11 morning Vangeli Guscherova began to choke. The doctors decided to make an incision in the throat to insert a breathing tube into the trachea, but once brought the knife to her throat, suddenly the whole clinic lights went out. Worked redundant power supplies, but they were involved with a certain delay. Why is a mystery to this day. But at this moment Wang died. This happened in 10 hours 10 minutes.

Says Tom Toms (filmmaker):
— I have no doubt, no doubt that Wang — is extraordinary, incredible, it is a miracle, but there is Wang — I do not know.

John Popov, rector of St.. Peter and Paul:
— Vanga no servant is no God or the church, it will never be canonized, she never be rehabilitated.

Svetelin Rusev:
— People who believe in Wang, consider her a saint. Canonized or not, it does not matter.

All puzzles Wang carried away. Who was she? Whether she saw what everyone else is not available? Yes, she tried to help people, but if she was carrying the good in our world? It is holy or a great sinner?

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