Vasiljevic: Two bombings — one arm

The investigation of the terrorist attack on April 11 in Minsk subway can be completed within two months. This opinion was expressed on April 15 journalists Attorney General of Belarus Grigory Vasilevich, according to Channel One.

The Attorney General noted that crime in the Moscow metro has helped to solve the case of the explosion, which occurred on the night of 3 to 4 July 2008 in Minsk.

In a criminal case on the explosion of 2008 he wasand interviewed 854 witnesses, tested more than 80 million cellular subscribers. Law enforcement officials conducted 186 inspections of objects and documents, 509 searches were carried out 863 examination. In addition, 73 people were tested on a polygraph, interviewed 117 thousand people.

According to Vasiljevic, through the process of fingerprinting were more than 2 million people. However, the prints of the main suspect in the present case is not contained in the database. If this man managed daktylyaskapavats, the terrorist attack on April 11 would not have happened, because the prints were on the second explosive device, which in 2008 did not work.

Now it fingerprinting allows investigators to link an explosion at the stele in Minsk in 2008 and the terrorist attack on the subway station "October" in April 2011.

"Why have confidence that the person has committed a blast, because fingerprints are on the explosive device, which did not work (in the year 2008. — BelaPAN.), Second examination. So, in addition to the recognition of all the evidence that ethe man in 2008, realized that the explosion "- said Attorney General.

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