Vasily Siliverstov: Scientists are fleeing from liquidators

National Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology, which is located in Gomel, refused to hold a meeting with the Chernobyl liquidators intended to April 23.

The meeting was ordered councilman Public Association "Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives", Liquidator, II group Vasily Siliverstov from Kalinkovichi:

"I phoned the deputy director of the center Eldar Nadyrav and said that the meeting did not take place. Like, all the employees of the center exactly on April 23 will be assigned to areas for the Chernobyl event. "

Siliverstov"Because scientists are fleeing from us, I believe that they are not willing to answer our question as" low dose "of radiation impact on us, the liquidators with disabilities, and to the general population, 25 years of living in the radiation-contaminated areas. It looks like a betrayal, scientific and practical use for employees, and the victims of the Chernobyl liquidators. "



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