Vitebsk as the cradle of terrorism

Information about the alleged terrorists come from Vitebsk, active discussion in the city. The names of two arrested for the attack, residents of Vitebsk are not called, but Vitebsk — a small town …

And urban and regional newspapers reprinted only what is officially reported, including and through television. But Vitebsk — the city is relatively small, there is not much more than 300,000 people, and the forums of various sites have already appeared information about which area of the detained lived before moving to Minsk, and where they work, and even what the school learned … An industrial suburb, houses in the area is not so much, so even managed to find the neighbors who live near the detainees for organizing terrorist attacks:

"Indeed, such talk is, that just lives on my block one of those arrested for committing this act wild, — says an elderly man. — From young I have very few people know, but if this is the apartment, which they say, that there lives the mother of this guy, I say hello to her. And the man lives. Normal people, calm, never to him the police did not come I've never heard them scandals … "

Normal people, calm, never to him the police did not come I've never heard them scandals

My companion said he had not heard that in the case of those interviewed, who lives nearby. He also noticed that in general the basement doing a search to find a mysterious laboratory where allegedly made the explosives.

In what has so cleverly, just for one day, the "siloviki" found guilty in several crimes, he does not believe:

"I have something I do not believe that during the day the perpetrators were able to find. To turn out the way it was with the Vitebsk explosion when" prakurkarekali "that have already been two" thugs "and innocent people for six months stayed in prison until understood that they nyakaga involvement in Vitebsk explosions do not have. "

Explosions in Vitebsk were two: one 14 September 2005, the second on September 22, both in the city center, close to Freedom Square. As a result of the first two victims, while the second — about 50 people, there was no fatal victims. The perpetrators have not been found, although there were many detainees.

To the reporters then asked the mother of brothers Yuri and Vitaly Murashko, in which the father had already deceased, once worked as watchmaker, and it was one of the proofs of the investigation — for a jar of explosive device was "larded" the details of the clock … Nearly 6 months brothers had to spend in jail, but then released them and even paid compensation. By the way, the mother of boys, Valentine said that the seat of the sons of police officers were interested again late in the evening on April 11, but both were able to prove that in Minsk were not.

Another suspect in the bombing of 2005 he was KGB Andrey Demidov. He was detained two years later, in 2007, but also let go, because there was no evidence.

Opinions on solved crimes in Vitebsk different: some believe all what they say on Belarusian TV, it just angers others:

These terrorists demolition just idiots! Do not they realize that the subway all seen through the cameras?

Man: "These terrorists demolition just idiots! Do they not realize that the subway all seen through the cameras? Indeed, I believe that it is they had a blast, and Lukashenko does not lie, and do not believe it is no reason."

Mrs."It is strange that for a long time no one could find, and then all opened for one day! Well, let it be on the conscience of" power. "In general, I really do not like it — that our government still wants to" wipe "the opposition. heard Lukashenka's speech, of his statements should, if all of this — the handiwork of the opposition."


The present discussion focused on the independent website "National News Vitebsk", where they were placed several articles on the explosion in the Minsk metro. Says the site editor Serebroabout:

"Most comments — 60 pieces — under article that detained in Minsk took the explosion in Vitebsk. People are surprised such an unexpected and quick interchange. There are even satirical comments:" I wonder why they have not confessed to the murder of Kennedy's "Big distrust of what really is found guilty. Indeed've been looking for, who did the bombings in Vitebsk, and then suddenly after Minsk bombing have found for one day. "

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