Vladimir Khalip: Lukashenko knows how to actually voted in Minsk

Speaking in the National Assembly, referring to the political situation, Alexander Lukashenko spoke about twice the Belarusian capital, "this" conscious "Minsk". Screenwriter Vladimir Khalip believes that attitude is manifested Lukashenko to how to vote in Minsk and the way its people on December 19.

"That's why he hates Minsk, that is He fails miserably in the elections. Clear. How is it that I found so many people who do not vote for him? What can there be democracy? Of course, drive it to the shoulder, only special forces, special forces alone can put everything in place! . "

Repeatedly Alexander Lukashenko called the opposition "fifth column" and those who protested against the election results on December 19 — "gorstkay renegades" who "went to smash the Houses of Parliament, as the lost the election." Vladimir Khalip comments on the words of Alexander Lukashenko:

"He's doing the same thing." The Fifth Column, "" enemies "… Again and again, the criminal lexicon. Surely we can hope for something in the this country, if with such rage and hatred leadership treats its own citizens? What he considers the real Belarusian and real people? Only those who keep silent? Who can do with them what they want? Brought to an absolute collapse of the country, brought before the people can not safely get to the subway? And this is a number of special services, who are doing nothing because they were busy political investigation. They disqualified. Can only work on the capture, beating and destroying the opposition. "

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