Vladimir Shulzhitsky questioned in the attack. It is kept in the office

A member of the Board of "BPF Youth" April 20, held in the department. At night in his apartment had re-searched.

Vladimir Shulzhitsky April 20 was called to the prosecutor's office Smorgon district. He said, "Freedom," that he was interrogated in an explosion in the subway.

Investigator, with the words Shulzhitsky, wonder what he knows about the explosion that people talk about it, but the most interested investigator photographs that Shulzhitsky posted on its website. These pictures Vladimir Shulzhitsky poses with various weapons from the Second World War.

The guy had to explain to the investigator that these images were made at a time when he starred in the movie.

Later, Vladimir Shulzhitsky went to the police to find out the fate of his air rifles and air pistols, which were confiscated before the police.

After that, his phone did not answer.

The morning of April 21 the mother of Vladimir Shulzhitsky reported that night in their apartment was repeated searches, and the militiamen came together with Vladimir: and seized a computer and other things.

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