Vodka price will rise by 8.4 percent

According to the decree of the Ministry of Economy, after the increase in the selling prices of the retail price of vodka will be 9.4 thousands of rubles per 0.5 liters.

At the same time, limit the minimum selling price for imported alcoholic beverages sold in the territory of Belarus, will remain the same — 13.65 thousands of rubles 0.5 per liter (excluding VAT), provides learned.

Meanwhile It became known that the Belarusian the government has prepared a draft resolution, which provides a significant increase in excise duties on beer and cigarettes. As theand resource in government, the excise tax on beer is expected to increase to such an extent: to share a beer with an alcohol content of up to 7% — to 1,800 rubles per liter of beer with an alcohol content to reach more than 7% — 1830 rubles per liter . In both the first and second case, we are talking about raising the excise tax on beer is about 3 times. The new rates of excise will be installed in June. Belarusian beer excise taxes as a result of the growth can rise by 18.3%.


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